Muslim Brotherhood Starts A Political Party Out Of Chicago

Jan Omega

When it comes to the United States government, most people usually know it to be a two-party system. For the longest time, branches of the government have been delegated as Democrat or Republican. Despite this, there are technically more parties in government, mostly supportive of the aforementioned two parties. The Inquisitr reported on these parties, such as the two offsets of the Republican Party, the Tea Party and the Libertarian Party, as well as the offset of the Democratic Party known as the Progressive Party. Then there are independent parties developed out of cause. The Green Party, for example, was developed to support a political ideology based on environmentalism, social justice, and grassroots democracy.

Now there is a new party that is getting a lot of attention. The single most important detail is the fact this may be the first political party created from a Muslim organization.

According to the Center for Security Policy, the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) has begun building the framework for a political party. USCMO's party will also be the first political party in the U.S. to be openly connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. From what is reported by sources, this party arose right after Sabri Samirah, a Jordanian Brotherhood member, was allowed into the U.S. by President Barack Obama back in 2014 following an 11-year ban. He immediately galvanized Muslims to form the party, which is now recognized as the UMMA, an offset of the United Muslim Americans Association (UMAA).

To help promote the UMMA, the political party has taken to social media -- especially Facebook and Twitter -- to spread the word. One of their Facebook pages describes UMMA as a registered, non-profit, nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to promoting the public and political empowerment of the American Muslim community as well as serve its interests. They also endorse candidates in which the percentage split is 85 percent Democrat and 15 percent Republican.

The new political party is receiving a lot of backlash, especially with the incidents pertaining to Muslims in France. Therefore, there are news sites -- especially those of a Conservative nature -- calling out certain issues. According to sites like Independent Sentinel and Conservative Tribune, they iterate the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood are recognized as terrorist organizations in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE. They also report that the ultimate aim of UMMA is to elect Islamists into Washington D.C. who will institute policies favorable to Sharia Law.

At this moment, the UMMA is gaining speed and has even assisted in turning the political tide. For example, the UMMA and its political leaders endorsed two Republican candidates for governor and lieutenant governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner and Evelyn Sanguinetti. The former won his bid. Such involvement from UMMA will increase, especially when the U.S. gets closer to 2016 election season.

[Images via Sabri Samirah's Facebook]