This Roller Coaster Is Literally A ‘One-Time Ride’ Because It Is Designed To Kill You!

Roller coasters. Some people love to ride them, while others feel safe and secure with their feet planted on the ground. Despite what one might feel when face-to-face with these amusement park monstrosities, they are awe-inspiring when it comes to their design. The Inquisitr has taken time to indulge the adrenaline rush people feel with roller coasters by reporting on the latest news pertaining to them. Apparently, the world’s tallest roller coaster might be built in Orlando, Florida. Even an animation was recently released to simulate the roller coaster ride just to give people an idea what to expect. It is surely no Snow White Diamond Mine ride!

Now, there are reports of a new roller coaster being made that is truly a “one-time ride.” Why? It is because this particular roller coaster is designed to kill those who ride it.

According to an article by RYOT, it reports that Julijonas Urbonas wanted to create a roller coaster that could kill people after he had a vision of killing people five years ago. Now before anyone starts screaming “psycho,” it should be reported that his intention isn’t a killing spree, but finding a way to kill people “humanely with elegance and euphoria.” Just by observing the preliminary designs shown below, he may be keeping up with his belief.

Euthanasia Coaster
This is Julijonas Urbonas' concept for the "Euthanasia Coaster."

Julijonas Urbonas calls his design the “Euthanasia Coaster.” How it kills people is actually quite simple. The first plunge of 500 meters is meant to build enough kinetic energy to propel the coaster through a sequence of loops. About 10 Gs of force will be exerted on the body, which will push all the blood to the lower extremities and out of the brain. This sensation will produce a feeling of euphoria, which is followed by the rider being carried off into an eternal slumber by the ride’s end.

Today’s methods of euthanasia are usually through assisted suicide in hospitals, ergo they are “medicalized” and “sterilized.” Julijonas Urbonas’ method is, by his own words, a ritual brought back to the contemporary description of death.

If you want to understand the Euthanasia Coaster a bit more, Thrillmaster Media uploaded a video in which Julijonas Urbonas explains himself how his unique euthanasia machine works. The video can be viewed below.

Now that you’ve read the details of Julijonas Urbonas’ roller coaster that kills people, what are your views? Do you find his design to be a humane way to assist those who want to end their lives on their own terms? Or do you find the concept just plain sick?

[Featured Image via Bing, Post Image via Julijonas Urbonas]