Peekaboo Twins Viral Video: Creative Siblings Don’t Need Parental Help To Play Popular Baby Game

A video of two nine-month-old twins playing peekaboo is quickly going viral. Usually, there’s nothing extraordinary about a baby playing peekaboo — many parents enjoy delighting their tots by hiding their faces and surprising them with big reveals over and over again. However, the kids in the video below don’t need their parents’ help to play the popular game.

According to the Daily Mail, the “Peekaboo Twins” video below features two twins learning how to play peekaboo on their own. Instead of using his hands to hide his face, the little boy in the video uses the curtains behind his chair. His sister giggles with delight every time he reveals his smiling face, and he responds with his own sweet laugh.

The parents of the babies are probably thrilled that the tots are so good at entertaining themselves — because they can play peekaboo without a parent, this leaves their mother and father with free hands to film their games.

There’s little information available about the YouTube video, which has already scored over 250,000 views since it was posted earlier this month. However, viewers have plenty to say about the cute home movie.

“This is soooo cute! Totally made my day,” one commenter wrote.

“I want this to play on a loop for me for the next eighty years,” another declared.

“I honestly believe that this video could be the solution to world peace.”

The peekaboo twins aren’t the only babies who recently went viral. As the Inquisitr previously reported, a two-month-old baby got to play the best game of peekaboo ever when she saw her mother’s face for the very first time. The baby in the video, two-month-old Louise, suffers from a rare form of albinism known as Oculocutaneous Albinism Type 1. The condition causes vision problems, so Louise was recently given a special pair of glasses to help her see the world more clearly. Louise’s viral video has already received over eight million views on YouTube.

The peekaboo twins have a ways to go to catch up to Louise, but baby twins are pros when it comes to creating viral videos. You might remember the 2011 viral video, below, that shows eighteen-month-old fraternal twin boys Sam and Ren having what seems to be a very important conversation in their own special language. They were featured on ABC News and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and their video scored over 100 million views on YouTube. You can check out Ellen’s translation of their conversation below.

Do you think the peekaboo twins have what it takes to score as many YouTube views as Sam and Ren?