Two-Month-Old Baby Sees Mom For First Time, Her Reaction Is Priceless [Video]

Two-month-old Baby Louise recently received her first pair of glasses. Although a bit hesitant at first, when the infant got her first good look at her mother she was visibly delighted and adorable.

Louise suffers from a rare form of albinism known as Oculocutaneous Albinism Type 1, meaning she lacks pigment in her skin, hair, and eyes. The pigment deficiency causes seeing problems for the baby.

Doctors won’t know the full extent of baby Louise’s eyesight issues until she’s old enough to communicate. Until then, her cute smile will have to serve as an indication that the glasses are working.

Louise’s mother is positive about her daughter’s condition, according to Fox 8.

“The good news is, besides having to protect her skin, the only thing that will be really affected is her vision. We won’t know how bad it is until she’s older and can communicate with us.”

The mom is hosting a YouTube channel called Louise and Albinism, which featured the video above called “Seeing” mommy for the first time!” The video already has over seven million views.

Louise’s mother posted this optimistic message on her channel.

“Keeping it in perspective is key. No matter what, it could always be worse. My faith is everything to me and I know the good Lord chose us as her parents for a reason. We are so blessed and know that she is going to thrive beyond our wildest dreams.”

Albinism is more common than many people realize, affecting one in every 17,000 people, according to AAPOS. For Baby Louise’s Oculocutaneous Albinism, it’s about one in 40,000. Still, many more infants suffer from hearing and sight loss that impedes their development.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, another baby, named Lachlan, had a similar life experience. The infant had moderate to severe hearing loss from the time he was born.

Unlike seeing impairments, hearing loss can go undetected for years, severely hindering a baby’s communication development. Baby Lachlan was fortunate to be diagnosed at a young age, and even more lucky to be able to correct the problem with a hearing aid.

The first time he hears his mother, he shows the same beautiful joy as Louise.

Clear sight might be a new experience for Baby Louise, but she’s already developed a keen sense for music. Her mother uploaded the video below on the Louise and Albinism channel (see below.)

It seems that baby Louise is easily moved by what she hears, and now sees, in the world around her.

[Image Credit: YouTube]