Morbidly Obese Woman Weighing Nearly 400 Pounds Refuses To Have Weight Loss Surgery, Would Rather Depend On Government Benefits

One woman reportedly enjoys the comfortable lifestyle she’s afforded by the government. According to Metro, Jodie Sinclair is a morbidly obese woman weighing nearly 400 pounds. Her weight problems reportedly prohibit her from working, but she has absolutely no problem with being “too fat to work.”

However, the controversial issue is that she refuses to do anything to combat obesity. An NHS dietician has reportedly visited Sinclair’s home in an effort to help her lose weight, but she refuses to make the proper dietary changes. She explained how she will not give up her breakfast ritual with her mother because she considers it a “bonding exercise.”

Medical specialists have also recommended that she consider NHS-funded weight-loss surgery, but to no avail. As a matter of fact, she’s been offered weight loss surgery from several publicly-funded sources, but she’s not budging. Now she’s making headlines for her controversial reason behind not having surgery. Apparently, she has no desire to forfeit her government benefits. The Mirror reports that Sinclair’s monthly Disability Living Allowance and Income Support has cost taxpayers a staggering $142,000 over the past nine years.

“I’m not going ­under the knife for ­anyone because I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong. Doctors keep on shouting at me to lose weight but I don’t even eat that much. My cooked breakfasts are my treat. My mum would come over every day and we would have sausage, ­bacon, beans and toast but the dietician had a go at me for that.”

Although several doctors have reportedly suggested she have a gastric band fitted, she argues that her weight problem is due to fluid retention as opposed to dietary problems and lack of exercise. She even went a step further and argued that the government isn’t doing enough for her. Sinclair insists she should also receive cleaning services for her home.


“The council inspectors come round and criticise me for being too lazy to do the cleaning but I can’t do it,” she told Sunday People. “I’m getting into trouble with them for keeping the place dirty. But if they want it pristine they need to get me some help.”

Do you think Jodie Sinclair should qualify for government benefits even though she refuses to make changes to better her health? Share your thoughts.

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