Tim Wendelboe Coffee Shop Burglarized – Guess What Thieves Stole?

Thieves recently broke into world-renowned Tim Wendelboe Coffee Shop in Oslo, Norway. Leaving aside much of the valuable and easily tradable items, they only took what the shop is famous for – coffee.

The internationally acclaimed cafe and roastery, owned and operated by World Barista Champion Tim Wendelboe, was the victim of a late-night looting earlier this week. The coffee shop, frequented by travelers across the world, is located at a prime location in Oslo. Roaster Talor Browne was the first to report the crime via Instagram.

Tim rushed to his shop, not knowing what the thieves stole. Apparently there were several expensive items that the thieves could have taken away, shared the police. The Tim Wendelboe Coffee Shop had state-of-the-art espresso machines that could whip out the most creamy and frothy cup of joe. There were multiple expensive books, including James Hoffmann's World Atlas of Coffee. However, by far the most expensive items in the shop were Tim's Aeropress trophies, which were made of solid gold.However, ignoring all the materialistic things to loot, the thieves went straight for the thing that defines the identity of the shop. The criminals took about 25 bags of coffee from the display counter which also contained other, more expensive coffee-related merchandise.

While police are still wondering why would someone steal just coffee, some people suspect there is another angle to the crime. One Instagram commenter suggested this crime might have been committed by the same team that raided Bergen Kaffebrenneri in 2013. In a similar manner, thieves broke into the coffee shop and made away with a sizable quantity of cheesecakes and bags of coffee.

Tim Wendelboe Is Well Known In The Coffee Brewing Circuit
Tim Wendelboe Is Well Known In The Coffee Brewing Circuit

Tim Wendelboe is an iconic figure when it comes to brewing coffee. The shop is a micro roastery, a coffee training center, and an espresso bar. While those interested in making various types of coffee from around the world can learn to improve their skills and learn more about brewing coffee, patrons can savor over a hundred different types of coffee that can be further customized to the smallest of details.

However, the coffee shop is most famous for the large variety of rare and hard-to-find varieties of coffee that are available in the shop. Apparently the thieves knew well about the availability of such items, and took away with the entire supply that was recently stocked in the shop.

However, Tim Wendelboe isn't angry about the theft, but merely wished the thieves would wait till the coffee shop opened.

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