Honest Customer Returns $2,631 After Burger King Employee Mistakenly Hands Over Bag Filled With Cash

What would you do if you discovered that a drive thru restaurant employee had mistakenly handed over a bag full of cash to you, instead of what you had ordered? Keep it? Or return the money to the rightful owner? Janelle Jones, a resident of Rochester, New Hampshire, recently faced the same predicament when she was handed over a bag filled with cash after she went to a local Burger King store drive-thru, reports Foster’s Daily Democrat.

At around 4:30 p.m. local time on Friday, Janelle ordered sweet tea and a junior spicy chicken sandwich from the Burger King drive-thru located at 250 North Main Street in Rochester. After ordering what she needed, she paid for the food and the employee handed over her stuff. Both did not check the actual contents in the bag. It was only after reaching home that Janelle realized that the sandwich bag handed over to her did not have a sandwich. Instead it had a total of $2,631 inside it. There was one $100 bill and a two bank deposit bags filled with cash. No one had a clue how the money ended up in the bag that was supposed to contain the sandwich

According to Fox 6 Now, Janelle immediately sensed trouble and called up her husband Matthew Jones. After telling Matthews what had happened at Burger King, the duo drove back to the store to do the right thing — return the money to its rightful owners. The couple was back at the Burger King drive-thru in less than an hour.

Later Matthew Jones was candid in admitting that the couple had initially thought of keeping the money for themselves.

“We are not perfect human beings,” he added.

Matthew and Janelle are Jehovah’s Witnesses, and that said that they chose to do the right thing since “Jehovah sees everything.”

Janelle Jones later confirmed that the employees at Burger King were extremely thankful to them after the money was returned. According to him, many employees felt they were going to be fired for their mistake and were fearing the worst when the couple appeared with the money.

“It felt a lot better than keeping it,” said Matthew Jones.

The Burger King outlet manager later offered Janelle five free meals as a note of thanks. He said they have also talked to the corporate office to let them know about her honesty.

This is not the first time something of high value has been found at Burger King. Last year, the Inquisitr had reported about a Burger King employee in California coming across a bag filled with $100,000 in cash.

[Image Via Foster’s Daily Democrat]