Pregnant Woman Twerks For Her Husband Until Her Water Breaks [Video]

One can never truly be sure what sort of things may happen while goofing off in front of a video recorder. Add to that the possibility of the recording being uploaded to the internet, the making of a viral video may document the moment of life for the world to see. A pregnant woman did not expect her husband’s video of her dancing to Sade’s “No Ordinary Love” while mopping the kitchen floor to become a viral sensation. However, when she decided to start twerking, thing took an awkward turn. As she dropped down low, showing her pregnant agility, her water unexpectedly broke. Of course, the magical moment was destined for internet fame from that point forward.

According to Life and Style Magazine, the woman was casually cleaning the kitchen while listening to music. When Sade’s “No Ordinary Love” came on, she couldn’t resist showing off her sexy dance skills as her husband recorded. Her mop became her dance partner until she decided to drop it like it’s hot and show off her twerking skills. Amazingly, the gyrating movements coerced her water to break, sending out a mouthful of obscenities at the surprising occurrence.

Prior to her water breaking, the lady was getting into the moment and getting down with Sade’s music, according to Metro. Her husband was enjoying the show, excited that his wife was so full of energy so close to the end of her pregnancy. She was having just as much fun being silly and playful while working on boring chores. Neither expected the real chore to arrive when her water broke as their little baby signaled that he wanted to join in the fun and games.

The lady had a healthy baby boy, and the parents have the ultimate video to share with the child’s future girlfriends.

Despite the excitement, there are quite a few comments on the YouTube video claiming it is fake. One commenter stated that she obviously grabbed a bottle from the counter, which became the source of the water leakage. However, another defended her, telling those that are skeptical to learn what happens when a woman’s water breaks.

“I wouldn’t be so skeptical, when someone’s water break it literally pours out like that. It feels like a water balloon pops and then the fluid just flows out and it sucks because it’s like you’re peeing and you can’t stop it. I know it’s gross”

What do you think, real or fake?

[Photo Courtesy: Metro]