Viral Video Shows Man Luring Cat, Then Kicking It Into A Car — Animal Lovers Plead For His Arrest [Video]

A video of a man luring a cat as though he would like to pet it, then kicking it into two parked cars, has gone viral on Facebook. The video starts off innocently enough as the man seems to call the cat toward him so he can pet it and show it some attention. However, as soon as the cat is within range, the unidentified man punts the poor feline into the two cars and laughs at the incident. Comments on Facebook range from laughing along with the man to calling for the death sentence if he is found and prosecuted. Most rational human beings simply want the man found and reported for animal abuse.

The horrible video has made its rounds throughout Facebook and Twitter, hoping that someone will identify that man. There is little information about where the incident occurred or who the man might be. However, he is currently trending on the internet with over 18,000 shares on one Facebook post and over 25,000 comments. Although there are many individuals laughing along with the man in the video, there are many more who are disgusted by the man’s actions. Still, others are upset that the video is being shared at all, stating that it is just fueling the man’s desire to post such disgusting videos.

In May of 2014, a similar incident occurred in New York. The 21-year-old man was captured on video luring the cat to him just before kicking the feline. The vicious attack sent the cat soaring 20 feet through the air, according to CBS New York. The man, later identified as Andre Johnson, was arrested on charges of aggravated animal cruelty. He was released without bail and scheduled to reappear in court on June 9th.

The New York Post reported that the video played an integral role in identifying Andre Johnson. It is hoped that the same will occur for the man in the new viral video that has made its rounds on Facebook.

Support for the cat is overwhelming, whereas the man has become a target for those that wish to see him behind bars. Paul Charnley posted his support for the cat in a Facebook comment.

“Glad his face is hidden….. Ones an animal the other is a cat…. I would take great pleasure in holding him down while the cat scratched out his eyes the cruel specimen of a human being!!!!!!”

Anyone that knows the identity of the man in the video is urged to contact their local authorities and report the case of animal abuse.

[Photo Courtesy: Hannah Kirby]

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