‘The Boy Next Door’ Movie Review: Hotness

According to Google Trends, The Boy Next Door starring Jennifer Lopez received more than 100,000 searches on Friday, a testament to the brilliance that is J. Lo and her non-stop publicity machine for the movie. I’m just glad my husband called me last night on his way home and asked if I still wanted to catch the 7:30 p.m. showing of The Boy Next Door, because some folks have said that Lopez vehicle looks like a Lifetime movie from the previews. Believe me, that sex scene in The Boy Next Door wouldn’t be shown on Lifetime. Even though J. Lo doesn’t show her “cookies” and has her co-star Ryan Guzman (whom I’m glad to hear is 27-years-old and not 19, like in the movie) strategically cover her boobs in the protracted love scene that has plenty of people talking on January 24, The Boy Next Door still shows that 45-year-old Lopez has spent plenty of time in the gym with her trainer, getting that body in shape and looking right for the big screen.

But back to The Boy Next Door movie reviews. I won’t give away spoilers, yet suffice it to say that people were laughing as we all streamed out of the theater — and The Boy Next Door isn’t a comedy. However, the plotline is so campy and over-the-top, it’s the kind of crazy, wacky, violence that made me cover one eye (hint, hint) at the end, and has led the Daily Beast to surmise that The Boy Next Door will save Jennifer Lopez’s movie career. It just might. After all, like J. Lo told Wendy Williams and Jimmy Fallon, The Boy Next Door is a movie that was created by her own production company. Lopez even auditioned the final candidates at her own home. And J. Lo is brilliant about turning the whole cougar expectations on their head and slapping hypocrites in the face with role reversal expectations.

“I hate that they have a label for a woman who would date a younger guy. If a younger guy is interested in you, what’s the big deal? But what’s the name for an older guy who’s after younger girls? I’m not after younger guys; if younger guys like me, that’s one thing, but guys who just go after younger women—they have no label! There’s just a little bit of an imbalance there. It’s not fair.”

Varying reviews of The Boy Next Door starring Jennifer Lopez, like those from ABC News‎, are calling the erotic thriller everything from crazy to fun to campy to horrible to a must-see. I agree. All that promotion for the movie, as reported by the Inquisitr, is obviously working.

[Image via the Inquisitr]