Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals She Joined The Mile High Club

Over the last week, Gwyneth Paltrow has been candid about everything from her “conscious uncoupling” to her estranged husband Chris Martin, her exes, and of course, Goop. Paltrow is at it again, as she revealed that she once joined the Mile High Club.

Paltrow was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany, and the group were suckered into playing the game “Never Have I Ever.” In case you aren’t familiar, the game goes like this: Someone asks a question, and the participants give that person a sign whether they’ve done that thing they’re asking. Usually this is played at parties with copious amounts of alcohol, but in Paltrow’s case, it was played on a daytime talk show.

Instead of drinking from a red solo cup, Depp, Paltrow, and Bettany were given “I Have” or “I Haven’t” signs as DeGeneres read the question. The first question was pretty tame, as Ellen asked if anyone from the Mortdecai cast has been to a nude beach. Although Paltrow has never been to a nude beach, she’s been to the Mile High Club. Once DeGeneres got to that question, Depp and Paltrow hesitated before slowly lifting up their “I Have” signs to reveal they’ve joined with their respective former partners.

As the Inquisitr reported, Paltrow had some revealing things to say about her exes, specifically Brad Pitt. During an interview with Howard Stern, Paltrow said she regretted not making a sex tape when the two were engaged.

“Do you know what’s so sad? Is that our relationship was before the days or videos on your phones so we had nothing!”

She continued to discuss their relationship and why it fizzled.

“I definitely fell in love with him. He was so gorgeous and sweet. I mean, he was Brad Pitt! I was a kid, I wasn’t ready and he was too good for me.”

When she broke up with Pitt, she said her late father was devastated by the break up.

As for her other famous ex, Ben Affleck, Paltrow revealed he wasn’t ready to be in a relationship when they were together, but that now he’s more adjusted to life as a married man with children.

[Image via CBS]