Gwyneth Paltrow Regrets Not Making A Sex Tape With Brad Pitt

Gwyneth Paltrow regrets not making a sex-tape with Brad Pitt, while she also admitted that she’d having “sexted” him constantly if mobile phones existed when they dated.

Paltrow and Pitt started to date, after they met on the set of David Fincher’s seminal 1995 masterpiece, Seven. In the thriller, Paltrow played the wife to Brad Pitt’s character.

The 43-year-old made this revelation during an intimate discussion with Howard Stern. She candidly confided that she wishes their relationship had taken place during a more high-tech era.

“Do you know what’s so sad?” she told the shock jock. “Is that our relationship was before the days of videos on your phones so we had nothing!”

Meanwhile, Paltrow admitted that she fell head over heels in love with Brad Pitt when they originally started to date simply because he was Brad Pitt.

“I definitely fell in love with him. He was so gorgeous and sweet. I mean, he was Brad Pitt! I was a kid, I wasn’t ready and he was too good for me.”

Gwyneth Paltrow was incredibly open during her chat with Howard Stern. Not only did she talk about her ex-husband, Chris Martin, but she also touched upon her romance with Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice star Ben Affleck as well as oral sex.

According to E! Online, Howard Stern took this opportunity to applaud Paltrow’s previous comments to Chelsea Handler regarding the latter subject. Previously, Gwyneth Paltrow declared that giving more oral sex results in fewer fights with your spouse.

Paltrow added to her previous remarks by stating, “You don’t have to always fight. Be a girl. Show him that he’s a man, and it’s a good thing energetically to do.”

Stern then noted “a lot of guys are insecure,” to which Paltrow delightfully quipped, “It depends on how many blow jobs you give them.”

Paltrow also explained that she is on great terms with Jennifer Garner, the now wife of her ex-boyfriend, Ben Affleck.

“[Ben Affleck’s] settled down and his wife is awesome,” she declared, before adding, “not only is she beautiful but she’s so warm, she cooks, and she’s so into her kids and she’s great. She’s hilarious.”

Paltrow added that the pair are neighbors, and they have even had girls’ dinner at their homes.

Gwyneth Paltrow is allegedly still single after her “conscious uncoupling” with ex-husband Chris Martin last year. However, she has previously been romantically linked to the co-creator of Glee, Brad Falchuck.

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