Racial Slur Video Played For 2nd Graders On MLK Day At Arkansas Elementary School

A racial slur video was shown in place of a Martin Luther King, Jr., tribute video to a group of Arkansas second graders, reports 5NewsOnline.

The video was initially reported as being that of “It’s Martin Luther King Day Charlie Brown!” and features the classic “Peanuts” characters “celebrating” MLK Day in a very derogatory manner.

The traditional voices are also replaced with exaggerated dialects stereotypically associated with African-Americans.

Included in the highly offensive video — made in 2003 by Most Offensive Videos, Ltd. — are references to King as a “boss pimp,” multiple uses of the N-word, and the obscenity “m****f****r” and a statement that black people like to honor the civil rights leader every year by watching “marathons of Sanford and Son.”

It’s widely seen as one of the most racially offensive videos ever made, in spite of its 170,000 views and 698 likes. You can watch it below to get a taste of what the second graders may have seen.

A later report claims that instead of the Charlie Brown video, it was the “Boondocks Martin Luther King Speech,” which utilizes 14 uses of the N-word.

(Still little consolation for parents.)

And several parents have stated to local news outlets that the Charlie Brown video is the actual video shown, in spite of what the school reports.

Either way you go, a group of 8-year-old kids were shown videos with numerous racial slur uses, and parents aren’t happy about it.

“Hillbilly ignorance in Hooterville,” remarked one commenter.

“A few pointers on how to use YouTube in the classroom might be needed here. At the very beginning the clip scrolls ‘mostoffensivevideos’ across the bottom,” wrote a second.

“WOW WOW WOW!!! Termination is the only form of discipline that should be considered in this situation,” said a third.

It was reported that the second grade teacher responsible for playing the offensive videos didn’t know that she had done anything wrong until it was too late.

The school’s superintendent noted that Cedarville School District policies “state any outside material, including videos, being shown to students must be approved by the school’s principal.”

“That did not happen in this case,” he said.

Superintendent Dan Foreman also said that administrators are “reviewing their policies and investigating the incident to figure out what exactly happened and how they can avoid similar situations in the future,” 5NewsOnline stated, adding that school officials “are also reviewing whether Schumacher should be disciplined, although Foreman said he could not go into details because it is a personnel matter.”

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