'The Bachelor' 2015 Spoilers: Chris Soules Sees Drama And Attitude In Episode 4

Chris Soules is searching for his soulmate on ABC's The Bachelor 2015 season, and fans are anxious to see which bachelorette will receive that final rose. Episode 4 airs on Monday, January 26, and there will be some interesting twists and turns. What Bachelor spoilers are available for this episode?

ABC teases Bachelor spoilers that Chris Soules' sisters will pick out one lady to go on a Cinderella date. Chris' three sisters surprise seven women at the house and the ladies are interrogated by the family. The network teases that the Soules' ladies pick a shy bachelorette who has been overshadowed by bigger personalities. However, she's been keeping a secret from Chris.

Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that Jade Roper gets this Cinderella-themed date. Jade will be surprised by three stylists making her over before she's whisked away for a magical evening. Chris and Jade will take in a private concert by the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and check out Disney's upcoming Cinderella movie.

While Jade's big secret may well be about the scandalous photo shoots she's done, it doesn't seem that Chris will not learn about that just yet. It is believed that Jade gets the rose on the date, as she definitely does not head home yet.

Also ahead in this episode are two group dates. Bachelor spoilers indicate that eight ladies will hit the beach with Chris at Lake Piru. A couple of ladies will toss aside parts of their bikinis to get Chris' attention as they jump into the water. Reality Steve's spoilers have previously indicated that Kaitlyn Bristowe is one of them and it would appear that Ashley Iaconetti is the other.

Soules and the ladies will be surprised to learn that they get to stay overnight at the lake and there will be campfire singing and s'mores. One "high-spirited lady" gets a group date rose while an assertive gal sneaks into Soules' tent. She shares a "shocking revelation" with him and they will get quite frisky. Once again Reality Steve's spoilers have identified this gal and once again, it's Kaitlyn.

Chris and the other six bachelorettes will head to San Francisco and do a mud run in wedding dresses. This is being done as a charity run to benefit the National MS Society and Chris will surely be looking for the ladies to let go and have fun in the mud. The losers head home while the winner gets one-on-one time with Chris. It seems the winner is someone who is already a frontrunner and the two will share dinner overlooking the city as she shows him a new side of herself.

When it comes to the cocktail party, one bachelorette follows up on an "eye-opening message she delivered at the campsite" while another one questions his choices in rose recipients. Another lady gets quite jealous and dramatically accuses Chris of not being on the show for the right reasons. He is said to take matters into his own hands and then has a stunning and serious announcement for the rest of the ladies.

Reality Steve's spoilers break down some of these teases. Ashley Salter is surely the one making dramatic accusations at the cocktail party, and it is said that she leaves before the rose ceremony. The stunning announcement seems to likely be a statement from Chris that if anybody else doubts Soules' intentions, they can leave.

The camping date includes both Ashleys along with Kaitlyn, Kelsey, Juelia, Mackenzie, Megan and Samantha. The mud run date then has Becca, Britt, Carly, Jillian, Nikki and Whitney. Which ladies get group date roses and alone time and which ones cause drama? It seems that fans will have to tune in to find out those details.

Four of the ladies will be left without roses by the end of the night. Which ones are headed home? That much isn't known for certain yet, though the Bachelor spoilers would seemingly point to Jillian, Nikki and Samantha being the most at risk in addition to Ashley Salter after her explosive meltdown.

Chris Soules has said he has found love, and Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve indicate that he is engaged and doing well with his final rose recipient. Could he ultimately manage to end up marrying his chosen one, as Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried just did? It looks like it will be an interesting journey to get to that point and fans are enjoying the ride every Monday night as ABC's The Bachelor 2015 season airs.

[Image via ABC/David Moir]