Who Is Ashley Iaconetti Of ABC's 'The Bachelor' 2015 Season With Chris Soules?

Stacy Carey

Ashley Iaconetti is one of the bachelorettes vying for Chris Soules' final rose this season on ABC's The Bachelor 2015 season. She managed to snag a rose in the premiere, and many suspect she will be one to watch this season. What do viewers need to know about Ashley?

As Reality Steve's spoilers indicate, Iaconetti is originally from Virginia, though these days it seems that she is based in the New York area. She went to James Madison University, and then studied broadcast journalism at Syracuse. She has done some work for the New York Jets football team as well.

Iaconetti is a big fan of Kim Kardashian, which is evident by a look at her blog. Her latest post, put up after the Bachelor 2015 premiere, is titled "KardASHLEYian." She says that her look obviously is heavily influenced by Kardashian and the whole Keeping Up with the Kardashians crew.

Ashley says that her blog was inspired by Kim and the Kardashian sisters as well. Ashley says that as a result, her fellow bachelorettes gave her the nickname "Kardashleyian" and she clearly embraces it. She says that in her limo exit "Duchess Kimberly" met "Prince Farming" and that she loved her dress.

The Bachelor contestant's Instagram says that she's "either optimistic or delusional" depending on one's view. Her ABC profile lists her as a freelance journalist whose hometown is now Wayne, New Jersey. This bachelorette says she can't live without her sister, parents, best friend, mascara, and foundation.

This is a gal who loves to sleep in and hates awkward silence on dates. If Ashley won the lottery, she says she would buy a cruise ship room she could use at any time, a beach house in California, and a penthouse in New York. She'd also buy Sephora's inventory and provide for her parents as they've supported her in the past.

How would Iaconetti impress a guy? She says her football knowledge is impressive, and she'd make the guy a cheeseburger and watch football with him. This Bachelor lady says that to her, being married means having a best friend to do everything with who provides constant support, comfort, love, and happiness.

Show host Chris Harrison touted Ashley as one to watch this season. He says she's a good Italian girl from Jersey who is drop-dead gorgeous on the outside and very beautiful on the inside. Interestingly Yahoo! TV lists Iaconetti as a nanny in the Harrison piece.

Harrison says that Ashley is a "self-proclaimed virgin with a healty libido," and it sounds as if that will definitely be something that comes in to play in the episodes ahead. What will Chris Soules think of Ashley Iaconetti? Bachelor spoilers would indicate that she'll be around for a bit, and fans will have to tune in to see if she turns out to be "the one" for Chris.

[Image via ABC/Craig Sjodin]