Who Is Jade Roper Of ABC's 'The Bachelor 2015' With Chris Soules?

Reality Steve's spoilers for The Bachelor 2015 have just revealed that Jade Roper is one of Chris Soules' bachelorettes for this season. From the sounds of things, she may well be one to watch and she's definitely a different type of gal from the show's usual. What's the scoop on Jade?

Though ABC has yet to reveal much about the ladies for the season, people have already been buzzing about Jade Roper. Reality Steve's spoilers have identified her as a bachelorette who will most definitely catch Chris Soules' attention this season, perhaps in more ways than one.

From the looks of The Bachelor spoiler photos that have come out already, Jade Roper looks like an All-American gal who could pair nicely with the All-American guy handing out roses this season. During filming, KCRG spotted Chris and Jade together and many thought they looked like they made a nice pair. In this case, however, there seemingly is much more to Roper than meets the eye.

The Bachelor 2015 spoilers from Reality Steve indicate that Jade is 27 years old, though she will turn 28 just before the show premieres. She lives in Los Angeles now but she's originally from Gering, Nebraska. A source indicates that she's a business manager for Altruistic Costmetics, and she's done some restaurant-related work too. However, she may be more well-known for some entirely different projects.

Jade's website bio shares that she's the oldest of three kids, that she grew up on a farm and that she went to a private Christian school. She's done quite a bit of traveling and she says she earned a culinary arts degree from Le Cordon Bleu. From there, it seems she was a pastry chef in Las Vegas and had her own business in Omaha. Apparently, however, Los Angeles was calling her name.

Once in California, Jade became a Playboy Amateur. The Nebraska bachelorette did some very revealing modeling in 2013 under the name Jade Elizabeth, and her photos and videos are most definitely not safe for work. While Roper's Instagram page touts that she is a free spirit and entrepreneur who says kindness is her religion, there's a very different side of her that may come as a bit of a shocker for Chris and the bachelorettes on the show.

Just how will Jade and the show handle this racy side of the bachelorette? That much isn't known yet. It would seem highly unlikely that the show didn't know this about her when she was cast and, so far, Reality Steve's spoilers haven't pulled together any details regarding whether she hides this side or embraces it during filming.

Will Roper tell Chris and the other ladies about her Playboy Amateur work? That much isn't known yet but it'll definitely be interesting to see if she doesn't tell Soules about it, yet makes it far into the season.

Chris Soules' season of ABC's The Bachelor 2015 with Jade Roper and the other bachelorettes premieres on Monday, January 5 -- and fans cannot wait.

[Image via Jade Roper's Instagram]