Linda And ‘Bruce’: Woman Claims To Be Married To Carnival Ride

If you ask Linda, who hails from Florida, what her relationship with her soul mate is like, she’ll tell you they’re just like an “old married couple.” They have been married for three years and enjoy simple things together, like candlelit dinners — nice, normal, couple-type activities.

It’s just that Bruce, the other half of this “old married couple,” is a 70-foot tall carnival ride referred to as a SkyDiver.

Linda and Bruce appeared on Wednesday night’s episode of TLC’s My Strange Addiction.

And Linda wants viewers to know that she’s not in an addictive or obsessive relationship, but that she is, in fact, with her soul mate. And there is no doubt that Linda is more than committed to her carnival ride Bruce — that particular ride has been in disrepair for some time, and as of today, Linda has spent $90,000 in order to get him up and running. And she says it will cost thousands more before it — he? — will function again.

Some women just seem to prefer a fixer-upper.

Bruce is stored on Linda’s property. The main structure of the ride, which Linda says she enjoys climbing, is kept outside.

“Some women like tall men, some women like men with a colorful personality, he’s got all of that,” she said, adding, “To me, Bruce is just amazing when he stands up and is spread out.”

The cars that go to the rest of the ride are stored in a trailer, which also houses a bunk bed that Linda uses when she wants to spend the night with Bruce.

“I love being in here,” she admits of the trailer, and the reason why is simple — and disturbing.

“I can have more closer moments with him than with the main load outside and all my neighbors staring in the yard. You do want that closed doors scene.”

But her feelings towards Bruce is based on far more than sexuality, Linda says, insisting that their relationship is based on intimate and romantic feelings.

“It’s the feeling in my heart, it’s a love affair between flesh and steel. We’re just an old couple. We’re a sweet old couple.”

Linda identifies as an “objectum-sexual,” meaning that she has “an orientation to love objects.” Before settling down with Bruce, Linda has had previous relationships with a plane and with a locomotive.

People are strange, and sometimes no place more so than the bedroom. Read about a Texas cop with a particular desire here, or, for those who have the stomach for it, read about the nurse with a cannibalistic fetish here. In comparison, Linda and Bruce seem almost normal.

In fact, it seems as though Linda and Bruce are a living — and non-living — example of the saying, “The heart wants what the heart wants.” And in this case, Linda’s heart wants a 70-foot broken carnival ride that is sitting in her backyard.

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