June 29, 2017
Tire Iron Stuck In New Zealand Man's Head After Being Attacked [Video]

A man with an tire iron in his head drove to the only open gas station in a small town in the north of New Zealand on Saturday and calmly asked for some help, according to Bay of Plenty Times. The incident was caught on video and will surely go viral due to the nature of the injury and the amazing calmness of the victim.

Adam Armitage, 23, walked into the gas station with the tool embedded in his skull while blood was streaming down his head, stunning the cashier and the owner of the station, Lester Gray, who at first thought it was a prank. Witnesses didn't believe the injury was real, because he was so calm as he asked for help.


"It was like a Halloween prank," he said. "It just looked like he was wearing a gruesome mask."

Local media reported Armitage calmly asked the cashier if she could phone the police to inform them that he had been attacked.

"She said, 'I think you need the ambulance not the police', and he replied, 'Okay.' He was amazingly relaxed," said Gray as reported by NBC News.

Several local men kept Armitage company while they waited for medics to arrive just after midnight.

"They even took photos of him on their cellphones and showed him what it looked like. Up until then he hadn't seen what it [the injury] was."

Gray stated that Armitage was lucky his service station was open at the time, as all other businesses were closed in the small Bay of Plenty township.

"I guess he's going to live because of it."

Tauranga police say the man was sitting in his black Subaru on the side of a Katikati road when he was approached by a woman and two men. He was punched repeatedly in the face before being struck with an iron bar which became lodged into the side of his head. He then drove to the service station for help.

The tire iron was removed in a local hospital before Armitage was airlifted to Waikato hospital and he is listed in serious but stable condition.

Police from Tauranga are still searching for the perpetrator and are on the hunt for a Maori man of slim build in his early 20s with short black spiky hair.

Using a tire iron as a deadly weapon has made headlines in recent months. Read about a tire iron attack on celebrity reporter, Maria Menounos and her entourage as they were driving in New York City when a tire iron was thrown through their window in a report by the Inquisitr.