Prince Michael Jackson I Spotted At Hollywood Birthday Party

Son of the “King of Pop,” Prince Michael Jackson I – more commonly known as Prince – was spotted over the weekend in the company of friends at a birthday party in the restaurant at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. He apparently looked almost like any other teen, celebrating his girl pal’s birthday with a group of around 20 others.

The group mainly consisted of teenagers, with a few adults thrown in and they apparently sat at a beautifully decorated table out on the patio. According to the Daily News, a spy told them his dad, Michael Jackson, would have been proud indeed, as the 17-year-old looked very handsome dressed in a black suit. The lad apparently sat at the end of the table with several lovely girls coming over to talk to him on a regular basis.

The spy said, “Multiple girls came over to talk to him. Every 15 minutes another girl would sit next to him,” adding that it was almost like a speed dating thing as they came and went. However, once dinner was served a male pal reportedly took the seat next to Prince.

Prince Michael Jackson I celebrates at Chateau Marmont #celebgossip

— Celeb Gossip Fix (@celebgossipfix) January 19, 2015

Apparently a group seated at the table right next door spotted Michael Jackson’s little boy and wanted to take photos, but they received a firm “No” from restaurant management, as that is against their policy. As can be seen from the tweet above, not everyone followed the rules.

Michael Jackson
Prince Michael Jackson at the Tribute to Bambi 2011 in Berlin.

Before the party broke up at a respectable early hour of 10:15 p.m., guests were apparently busy taking photos of each other with their phones.

Prince Michael Jackson was not the only famous person at the hotel that night. Apparently Melanie Griffith and Kris Jenner were seated together at an outside table, apparently looking good. Uma Thurman was also on everyone’s radar as she bumbled about the restaurant, apparently bumping into people without apologizing.

Getting back to Prince, rumor has it that he is working together with his musical pal, Justin Bieber to make a little music. According to Daily News & Analysis, Floyd Mayweather Jr., the professional boxer, is supporting the whole project. A Jackson family source told the New York Post that Prince and Bieber, 20, really “dig” one another and that they have a major recording album in the works.

While that is still to be seen to be believed, apparently the two young guys live in the same Calabasas, California community and have been seen together a lot lately.

In rather more strange news relating to Prince’s father, Michael Jackson, the Inquisitr recently reported on a Ghanaian guy who apparently died (twice) and was resurrected (twice), and alleges he saw the “King of Pop” in the fires of Hell in the company of Pope John Paul II.

[Image credits: Prince Michael Jackson I at the “Tribute to Bambi 2011” in Berlin CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Hubert Burda Media]