Man Dies, Claims To See Michael Jackson And Pope John Paul II In Hell, Comes Back To Tell The Tale

Michael Jackson fans will not be thrilled to hear that the King of Pop might be in Hell and apparently keeping company with Pope John Paul II. This is the claim of one Ghanaian man, Kwadjo Peter, who claims he died — not once, but twice — and was resurrected both times.

In fact, Peter claims that he spent a month in hell and claims to have seen things other people cannot see, including, of course, Michael Jackson and the Pope.

What happened originally was that Peter collapsed playing football with friends and was rushed to the local Begoro Hospital for treatment. However, a doctor pronounced him dead on arrival and his body was moved to a morgue, to be stored ready for burial.

Peter’s relatives told Peace FM Online that the so-called dead man suddenly began to breathe again and asked the morgue attendant to bring him water. Said morgue attendant was apparently so terrified by the incident, he struck Peter with a wooden stick, apparently killing him for a second time.

In an interview, Peter told the radio station, “When I asked for the water, the mortician told me that I should go back to sleep because all of my friends are sleeping.”

“He used a stick on me and the mark is still imprinted on my body as proof of that incident.”

A video, published by UTV Ghana Online is included below, includes Peter’s testimony about the event and shows his injuries, but regrettably, the language is a local one.

Peter then went on to claim that in the “next world” he was flying, and apparently, he could see his family and friends, but nobody responded to him when he called out to them. He said he even tried to hold his 1-year-old son, but without success.

His next words were that he met a bearded man, who asked him to follow him down a narrow pathway, where Peter was apparently shown the Biblical hellfire, in which those famous folk, Michael Jackson, and Pope John Paul II, were allegedly trapped.

A church elder from the Divine Church of Jesus, Godwin Abui, reportedly attended the funeral of Kwadjo Peter and paid him his last respects at the place from which he was to be buried.

Peter’s own wife, Gifty Annor, claims that after her husband passed away, he was kept in the morgue for a month and that they were finally reunited. According to Annor, this shows that he was, indeed, resurrected from the dead.

However, an expert in pathology and renowned bishop doesn’t believe the story one bit. Professor Agyman Badu Akosa was asked to give his view on the matter, and, while Akosa has heard similar stories about the dead resurrecting, he has never seen such a thing actually happen.

In fact, as a qualified medical practitioner himself, he doesn’t believe a certified doctor pronounced Peter dead before the so-called resurrection. He said that if the normal actions had taken place, the body would have been stored with formalin to preserve it and that if this had been done, Peter’s internal organs would not have functioned again.

“Formalin makes your liver as hard as stone, your heart can never beat again and this makes it hard for you to respire.”

A local religious man, Rev. Owusu-Bempha, insisted that all aspects of Peter’s story are subject to “Satan’s machinations,” saying that according to the bible the only cases of the dead resurrecting happened when Jesus was around.

Do you believe Kwadjo Peter’s tale of going to hell and meeting up with Michael Jackson and the Pope?

In other interesting news relating to Michael Jackson, the Inquisitr reports that the King of Pop recorded a hit song that was apparently meant for Donny Osmond, and that apparently Osmond later sang a song intended for Jackson.

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