Darren Shahlavi Dead: Stuntman, Movie Actor Dies From Possible Drug Overdose

Darren Shahlavi, the actor best known in the Mortal Kombat: Legacy television series, is dead. According to TMZ, the martial arts actor died from an overdose of prescription drugs. The announcement was made first by Kung Fu Cinema, and now the martial arts and kickboxing community is mourning the actor’s untimely death.

Those who knew him well indicate that he had a history of abusing both drugs and alcohol. As news of his death spread, many took to Twitter and Facebook to express their sorrow. Here are a few comments.

“Prescription drugs AGAIN! And the majority fight marijuana.Ugh……..”

“Wow, sad”

“Very tragic”

“Don’t know him, but ir’s sad. R. I. P. Darren”

“Very sad to hear of the passing of Darren Shahlavi who I worked with recently. Was amazed by his talent and touched by his sweet Spirit.”

“Just found out that Darren Shahlavi died. Unfortunate loss of a great on-screen martial artist”

He made it big in Hong Kong during the 1990s, before embarking on a stunt and acting career in the United States. The 42-year-old British actor began training as a child in Stockport, England, for a career in martial arts. His website states that he gained an interest in martial arts at the tender age of seven. Spending the majority of his free time watching other actors perform, he was often fascinated by martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

“I discovered martial arts and acting as a child at the same time, and since then my love and enthusiasm for both arts has only increased.”

According to his bio, he has appeared in various movies, such as 1995’s Sixty Million Dollar Man, 1999’s Lethal Combat. In 2007, he also played roles in Bionic Woman, Intelligence, and Reaper. In addition to the documentary, Hong Kong Superstars, he had at least two movies in post production, according to the Internet Movie Database.

Daren Shahlavi has been an inspiration to many in the workout and boxing communities.

According to law enforcement officials, the Los Angeles County Coroner is currently performing toxicology tests on the fallen actor to make an exact determination of death.

Actor Darren Shahlavi’s death comes on the heels of the death of another popular actor and fitness instructor, Greg Plitt. Inquisitr reported days ago that Plitt died in Burbank, California, while trying to outrun a train for an upcoming commercial.

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