‘The View’ To Be Canceled: ABC Reportedly Planning Cancellation, Report Says, Reason May Surprise You

The View is reportedly about to get the axe. According to Q-Political, the long-running show has been on the chopping block for quite some time due to the continuous complications between Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell.

It’s definitely no secret that the two co-hosts aren’t the best of friends. As a matter of fact, they’re probably the biggest opposing forces on daytime talk show television. Although the network has made an effort to sustain The View by bringing in new hosts to change up the dynamic, nothing seems to overshadow the issues with Goldberg and O’Donnell.

While heated debates and sparring matches usually make for great television, the political opposition between the two women is reportedly “insufferable to audiences all across the country.” It’s been reported that many have complained about the women’s constant sparring and “hi-jacking interviews.”

The show’s ratings have also taken a bit of a hit due to the conflicting dynamic between the two women. So the network is reportedly making plans to cancel The View and extend Good Morning America. An alleged inside source recently shared details about the network’s discussions about the show with Fox-411.

“You can’t keep hiring and firing, trying to save a sinking ship. There is no leadership on the show. It’s the news division that pays for ‘The View,’ so the debate now is whether the show is iconic enough to pour money into revamping, or do away with all together. At this stage, the feeling is that it’s pretty much done. They may test a remodeled version for one more season, but that would require work and top brass aren’t sure that it is worth it.”

However, the numbers definitely don’t seem like audiences are tired of the constant bickering. According to Nielsen Media Research, The View is still averaging approximately 2.9 million viewers per broadcast. But, the source insists the heightened problems have created intense conflicts that actually overshadow the success of the show. The mounting problems are reportedly on and off the set.

“Rosie (O’Donnell) and Whoopi (Goldberg) don’t get along at all. When the cameras aren’t rolling, there is no talking between them. But the staff much prefer dealing with Rosie. But is she enough to hold the show if they were to get another new lineup next year? That’s the question,” the insider said. “They threw Rosie Perez in there after Jenny (McCarthy) didn’t have her contract renewed, but that hasn’t helped the show either.”

So, would the network really throw in the towel on such a highly-rated show simply because the co-hosts can’t seem to get along? Maybe, not! Despite the mounting rumors, Fox-411 reports that ABC is denying the cancellation claims – for now. A representative recently spoke out on behalf of the network in regards to the speculated cancellation of The View. However, the statement doesn’t exactly solidify the future of the show.

“Given all the changes, the show has come a long way and is holding steady in viewership,” the rep said. “The pace and energy has picked up, and things are really starting to gel.”

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