Paris Kosher Grocery Store Hostage Surveillance Footage

The surveillance footage seen in these images released to Fox News on Wednesday shows security cameras being disabled and hostages huddled together inside Hyper Cacher, the kosher grocery store where Amedy Coulibaly, a known associate of the Kouachi brothers, took hostages after the deadly terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo’s offices in Paris, France.

Amedy’s attack on Hyper Cacher resulted in the deaths of four hostages, who were reportedly shot dead by Coulibaly. The Inquisitr reported that the hostages shot dead “were all Jewish.” They were named by the French Board of Jewish Deputies.

  • Yoav Hattab (pictured above, upper left), 22, the son of prominent Tunisian Rabbi Betto Hattab.
  • Yohan Cohen (lower left), 20, a clerk at the Hyper Casher grocery store.
  • Philippe Braham (center), 45, a computer engineer and father of four.
  • Francois-Michel Saada (right), 64, a pension fund manager and dad of two.

The Telegraph reported that some of the hostages freed by the massive police raid on the grocer told the press that one of the victims had attempted to confront the Islamist gunman with his own Kalashnikov rifle, only to be shot in the head and killed by Coulibably.

Police raided the Kouachi brothers, Said and Cherif, who Amedy, 33, was a known associate of. The two raids took place almost simultaneously.

Prior to Amedy’s death at the hands of local law enforcement, he said in an interview that he had coordinated his actions with the Kouachi brothers. All three terrorist suspects, both Kouachi brothers and Coulibably, were killed in the police raids.

Amedy’s attack came while professional negotiators were attempting to communicate with the Kouachi brothers, who were held up in a print shop with a single hostage.


Coulibaly’s girlfriend, Hayat Boumeddiene, 27, is currently being sought by authorities for her alleged role in the Paris terrorist attacks. She has entered Syria undetected while continuing to elude authorities, International Business Times reports.

Yonatan, the cousin of one of the victims, Yohan Cohen, said police told the family that the terrorist had threatened to kill a 3-year-old boy and Yohan tried to stop it as he grabbed the terrorist’s weapon but was shot in the head and killed before he “had a chance to shoot him,” the Inquistr reported earlier.

“The police told the family the terrorist threatened to kill a three-year-old boy, and Yohan tried to stop it. He managed to grab the terrorist’s weapon but before Yohan had a chance to shoot him, the terrorist put a bullet in his head and killed him on the spot.”

Other media reports indicated that Cohen grabbed the AK-47 after Coulibaly had set it down, but Cohen did not realize that the terrorist had abandoned the weapon because it had malfunctioned. When he pointed the rifle at the terrorist and pulled the trigger, the gun jammed and the killer fire at him, putting a bullet in his head and killing him on the spot.