Three Out-Of-State Residents Charged In Victoria’s Secret Robbery In New Jersey

Three people have been charged in connection with the Victoria’s Secret robbery that resulted in an assault on several security officers at a shopping mall located in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

According to My Central Jersey, three out-of-state residents, Quatavia Ashburn, 23, Crystal Morrison, 34, and 55-year-old Kevin Garner, were caught stealing $799.50 worth of merchandise at a Victoria Secret’s store inside of Bridgewater Commons Mall.

It has not been reported how the mall’s security discovered that Ashburn, Morrison, and Garner were all involved in the Victoria’s Secret robbery nor has a list of the stolen merchandise been revealed.

But when the shopping mall’s security officers approached Ashburn and Morrison about the stolen merchandise, it didn’t pan out too well. As an attempt to evade the guards, Morrison – resident of Germantown, MD – took out a can of pepper spray and began spraying the guards, and then fled the scene along with Ashburn, who is a resident of Brooklyn, NY, to a nearby hotel.

Garner, a resident of Brooklyn, New York and the third accomplice, was waiting outside in the parking lot of the mall where he was approached by several security guards. They began questioning him about the Victoria’s Secret robbery, and his response was somewhat different than Morrisons’ and more violent. Garner pushed one of the security guards, which caused him to fall onto the hood of a parked vehicle. Nearby security officers quickly came to the officer’s defense and restrained Garner until police official arrived.

When NJ police arrived at approximately 4:27 p.m., Garner was arrested in the parking lot of Bridgewater Commons Mall and taken into custody.

Although Morrison and Ashburn fled the scene after the Victoria’s Secret robbery, police officials were able to locate the hotel they fled to and place them under arrest. But according to the prosecutor’s office, Morrison didn’t go down without a fight.

According to NJ, before Ashburn and Morrison were detained, Morrison was able to, again, take out a can of pepper spray and aim it at the officers in the lobby of the hotel. Eventually, police officials were able to take control of the situation and apprehend the suspects.

All three individuals in connection with the Victoria’s Secret robbery – Ashburn, Morrison, and Garner – were arrested and taken to Somerset county jail.

They were charged with second degree robbery, third degree possession of weapon, and shoplifting, says My Central Jersey.

Garner and Morrison’s bail is set at $100,000, while Ashburn’s bail is set at $50,000.

[Image via My Central Jersey]