Brittany Musick Says ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Calvert ‘Needs To Stay Faithful’

Brittany Musick has gone off on Leah Calvert on Twitter, telling fans the Teen Mom 2 star needs to stay faithful.

As the Inquisitr reported last month, Musick has been highly active on Twitter in regard to her online relationship with Jeremy Calvert, the husband of the reality star, and the fallout it has caused. Most recently, she revealed Leah and Jeremy were back on, and recommended Leah learn to stay faithful.

After a fan tweeted to Brittany Musick, claiming Jeremy needs refrain from cheating, she said, “He? lol she does.”

Then, after the woman asked if she was the one who was caught having secret conversations with Jeremy, she confirmed, “yes! When they was separated. [sic]”

“[Leah] cheated on him when they was together. Me and him just talked online.”

Although Jeremy’s inappropriate and flirty direct messages to Brittany Musick certainly weren’t the best decision, Leah has reportedly made some bad decisions as well, namely her alleged cheating with Robbie Kidd.

“She needs to stay faithful too.”

Ever since Jeremy claimed Leah cheated on him, she has denied any such thing, and last month, she revealed, via the Inquisitr, that she and Jeremy had not parted ways. Her message, which was posted after Jeremy failed to attend the birthday party of her twin girls, Ali and Aleeah, was shared on Facebook.

“Yes Jeremy Lynn and I are still together(: I was with him the night before close to his job. He had to work and could not make it to the girls birthday party. ): We were thinking of him as he was thinking of us and we missed him dearly but knew he was doing what he had to for us! xoxo.”

Weeks after their marriage drama with Brittany Musick played out in the press, Jeremy deleted his Twitter account, which means fans haven’t heard from him at all. However, on Leah’s Twitter account, she recently proved she and Jeremy were doing well by sharing a photo of them kissing on New Year’s Eve.

Despite Leah having what appeared to be a rough year, the Teen Mom 2 star has remained positive, and shared an inspiring message with fans on Twitter on December 25, in which she claimed 2014 was her “best” year.

“I thought 2014 was going to turn out to be the worst year of my life, but after Dec. 8 It turned out to be the BEST by God’s GRACE & MERCY!”

Brittany Musick recently revealed she has not talked to Jeremy in months.

[Photo via Twitter]