Brittany Musick Claims Jeremy Calvert Is ‘Back With Leah’ Messer Of ‘Teen Mom 2’

Brittany Musick claims Teen Mom 2 stars Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert are back together. Despite her private message with Calvert, and Messer’s alleged cheating, Musick told fans on Sunday that the troubled pair are attempting to repair their marriage.

On Twitter, when asked if she was with Calvert, Musick explained, “No. He’s back with Leah.”

Musick also recently denied trying to sleep with a married man.

“I wasn’t trying to sleep with a married man either, I was trying to hang out with someone who said he is single and filed for divorce,” Brittany Musick claims. “It’s not my fault he lied.”

Because of the leaked messages between her and Calvert, Musick has gotten a bad reputation with some fans of Teen Mom 2. However, the messages between the two weren’t exchanged until weeks after Calvert claimed on Twitter that Messer had cheated on him with Robbie Kidd, and that he was planning to file for divorce.

She’s also taken some heat after reportedly striking up a friendship with Adam Lind, who also stars on Teen Mom 2. Still, Brittany Musick claims there is nothing romantic between herself and Lind.

“He sent me a request on Facebook and snap chats me. We are just friends!!!!! Get over it already,” Musick told fans, according to an Inquisitr report.

Earlier this month, Musick went public with her communications with Messer, after her online conversations with Calvert hit the web.

“Leah messaged me first on Twitter, and then began texting me to find out details of our relationship,” Musick told In Touch Weekly. “At first, she thought I was lying, because Jeremy told her that it wasn’t him talking to me — it was the guys at work. When I showed her the [naked] shot, Leah responded, ‘Yes, ma’am… that would be my husband.'”

“He also told me he filed for divorce and that he has zero forgiveness for her,” Musick continued.

However, Brittany Musick claims Messer was being told something completely different regarding the state of her marriage.

“When we messaged, she said Jeremy wanted to make it work and make things perfect again,” Musick explained.

On November 23, Musick said she and Calvert stopped talking, reportedly so he could “get his head on straight.”

“I told him we didn’t need to date; I just wanted to hang out. He promised me that we would meet up soon,” she told the magazine. “I feel sorry for Leah.”

Messer has not responded to the latest Brittany Musick claims.

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