Giuliana Rancic Looks Frail At Golden Globes, Fans Freak Out On Social Media

Giuliana Rancic was looking particularly frail on the Golden Globes Sunday night, and several people stressed their concern for her well being on social media. According to Life & Style Magazine, the 40-year-old mother of one looked very thin, and people took notice. Twitter lit up with comments about the Fashion Police star needing to gain weight, and others stressing how important it is for her to make sure that she is healthy.

Giuliana Rancic was wearing a pink strapless Maria Lucia Hohan gown, but it was hard to appreciate her dress because of how skinny she looked. Her shoulders and her back were particularly boney, which detracted from her overall look.

According to Mail Online, Rancic had a wardrobe change, but the first gown that she wore had a bit more coverage. It wasn’t until she took off her cover-up, and put on a more revealing dress that people started to notice just how thin she really is.

“For the pre-show, the mother of one wore a winter white gown by designer Jad Ghandour. She covered up her frail upper body with a color coordinated fur coat and accessorized with a gold Lee Savage box clutch.”

Giuliana Rancic had breast cancer, and underwent intense treatment back in 2011 that included surgery. Rancic has been very open about her cancer journey, and then her subsequent struggle to get pregnant (she and husband Bill welcomed son, Duke, via gestational carrier). As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the couple does want to have another baby, and have “one embryo left” to try and do so.

Many fans completely support her, and want nothing but the best for her, but many are also concerned that she is malnourished. However, she has always been on the thin side, so it’s possible that this is just her physique. While it seems like Giuliana does take care of herself, the stresses of being a working mom could be catching up to her. Thoughts?

[Photo courtesy of Andrew Eccles/Style]

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