Pit Bull Attack: 87-Year-Old Man Killed By Rescue Dog

An 87-year-old man from Maryland was attacked and mauled by his pet pit bull last week, and though authorities responded, he was killed by the dog while taking down his Christmas tree.

Animal control and law enforcement were called to the home of Eugene Smith, a truck driver, last Wednesday, and found the pit bull still mauling him, according to the Daily Mail. The 84-pound dog was a rescue animal, a stray that Smith had taken into his home, in which his son and son’s girlfriend also reside. An animal lover, Smith was fond of the pit bull, which would reportedly sleep in the same bed as him at times.

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office related that Smith was laying on the ground, attempting to take down his Christmas tree, when the pit bull attacked him. According to WJLA, responding officers found the pit bull still mauling him, and managed to remove the dog from Smith before they rushed him to a local hospital. Despite their efforts, Smith succumbed to his injuries. Medical examiners said that the pit bull inflicted severe wounds on Smith’s head and upper body.

Sgt. David Luckenbaugh, of Frederick County Animal Control, related that authorities had no record of complaints about the pit bull from neighbors.

“We had no call history to that address, no complaints involving that dog and the dog didn’t come in through our shelter,” he noted. “Our initial indications are that the attack was unprovoked, the victim didn’t do any specific thing to cause that to happen.”

Smith adopted the dog in May from an animal rescue organization, and though Luckenbaugh said that authorities were attempting to ascertain who the previous owner was, he added that no charges will be filed.

For nearly 60 years, Smith worked as an agricultural truck driver, delivering milk. Kimberly Young, a close friend and colleague of his, recalled him talking fondly about the pit bull that ultimately ended his life.

“Smitty told us how nice the dog was and how (the dog would) climb up in bed with him,” Young said. “He never once said he had any problems with the dog.”

Last month, a 10-year-old boy from Oklahoma was attacked and mauled by two pit bulls that escaped a neighbor’s yard before lashing out at him. As the Inquisitr previously reported, at least one of the pit bulls had a history of violence, requiring its owner to carry insurance.

Following the attack on Smith, the pit bull responsible for his demise was destroyed.

[Image via the Frederick News-Post]

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