Teacher Caught On Tape Bullying Little Girl, Watch Her Fight Back With A Swift Kick To His Testicles [Video]

A little girl from Russia was brought to the front of the class to learn what appears to be English. However, the teacher is less-than-kind when the little girl is too embarrassed to participate. The teacher berates and yells at the little girl for almost a full minute before she finally has enough.

In the video you see a little girl dressed in a blue plaid jumper standing in front of the class. A large burly teacher can be seen yelling at the small girl as he tries to make her repeat words in English. When the little girl does not participate, the teacher gets angry. He continues to shout at the girl for almost a full minute before finally getting physical. He begins to poke the girl and push her.

At this point, it is apparent the girl has had enough. She kicks the teacher square in the testicles and runs out of the classroom. The teacher can be seen slumped over in pain as the student videotaping the incident quickly puts away the phone.

The video was uploaded back in 2012; however, with school bullying frequently brought into the spotlight here in the United States, the video frequently surfaces across the web. The video has began to circulate once again via Facebook, with many hoping the teacher was fired.

In another recent school bullying event in Russia, a teen died in front of his teacher as a cruel prank turns deadly in the classroom.

It isn’t just Russian teachers who have been caught on tape bullying a child. One teacher was filmed as he physically attempted to drag a girl into a swimming pool during swim class.