Bullied Teen Dies In Front Of Teacher After Cruel Prank Goes Wrong In Classroom, Footage Goes Viral [Video]

Bullying is an aggressive behavior commonly seen among school-aged students. It is also a growing epidemic that continues to get worse. Although many bullying victims suffer emotional scars for years after being victimized, there are instances when the consequences are worse — far worse. For one Russian teen, the result of bullying was fatal and the horrific incident was caught on tape.

According to the Mirror, 17-year-old Sergei Casper was subject of a cruel plastic wrap prank that ultimately led to his death. The bullied teen was reportedly wrapped in cling wrap. His arms and legs were bound and he was put into a toilet feet-first. The disturbing prank took a turn for the worse when the bullies took him back to the classroom. Still bound at the arms and legs, he attempted to hop but lost his balance. He fell toward the teacher’s desk and his throat hit the side of the desk. The fall caused him to crush his throat. Most of the students reportedly continued to laugh at the fall until it was quite evident that the boy’s condition was severe.

Casper was rushed to a local hospital were he later died. But, that’s not all. To make matters worse, the teacher was present throughout the entire incident and reportedly did nothing to stop the bullies from going through with the prank.

Several media outlets reported that many students agreed that Casper had been victimized for months prior to his death. However, school administrators and teachers reportedly did nothing to stop the bullying.

One of the victim’s close friends who has been identified as “Alexander” recently spoke out about the boy’s treatment in class prior to his death. He revealed that Casper was always the subject of ridicule. He also recounted the horrific series of events that led to Casper’s death and how most of the students found the prank relatively funny.

“He was a good guy, he never did anything bad to anyone and he was my friend. But the others just picked on him all the time. They seemed to think it was hilarious, and then they decided to take their prize back to the classroom where although the teacher was sitting at her desk, she did absolutely nothing to help him.”

The bullied teen’s death has sparked quite a controversy in regards to who should be held accountable for his death. Although the bully orchestrated the prank that led to Casper’s death, many are arguing that the teacher should be held accountable as well. The looming question is why didn’t the teacher diffuse the situation? Many students confirmed that the teacher was in the classroom, so why was nothing done to prevent Casper’s death?

Who do you think should be held accountable for the cruel prank that led to the bullied teen’s death? The teacher or the bully? Share your thoughts.

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