Blake Lively Tricks ‘Sisterhood’ Co-Star: Amber Tamblyn Meets Blake’s Baby Unexpectedly

Blake Lively gave birth to her baby a bit early, but since everything turned out okay, she used the timing to pull a prank on her friend (and Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants co-star) Amber Tamblyn. According to People Magazine, Amber met Blake and Ryan Reynolds’ baby unexpectedly, thanks to Blake’s decision to trick her old pal.

“That b*tch! She tricked me! I went up there, and I didn’t know, everybody knew but me, and she does that s— to me. She was texting me about wallpaper, she was like, ‘You gotta come see my new wallpaper,’ and I went up there, and there was her baby,” Tamblyn explained.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds welcomed their baby — rumored to be a girl — last month. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a nurse at the hospital where Blake delivered spilled the beans about the baby’s sex on Twitter. She also said that the baby was named “Violet,” but no media outlet has been able to confirm that rumor just yet. Several have confirmed that Blake and Ryan did indeed welcome a girl, however, but the couple has not made any formal announcement about their new addition.

According to Perez Hilton, all of the girls from The Sisterhood are super close. With rumors flying about a third film being made in 2015, fans are thrilled to see that the foursome have stayed friends and have been hinting about working together again sometime soon. Interestingly enough, Tamblyn revealed that she snapped a pic of the baby and sent it to Sisterhood director, Ken Kwapis. Evidently the cast and crew have been in touch.

“We’ve all been over. I’m very excited for her and Ryan, and to be an auntie. All of us are godmothers, so we are very happy. I took pictures with Ryan and the baby and sent them to Ken Kwapis, the Sisterhood director,” Tamblyn said.

Blake Lively and her Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants friends see each other quite often. Since she is the first one in the group to have a baby, you can probably imagine just how much the child is being spoiled by all of her “aunties.” Naturally the world is still waiting to see that first photo of the baby, who everyone knows is gorgeous… but it might be a while.

For the time being, Blake and her husband are taking some time to enjoy their new love with family and close friends.

[Photo courtesy of Jason Kempin/ via Us Weekly]