Blake Lively Gives Birth To A Baby Girl: Did Blake And Ryan Name Their Daughter Violet?

Blake Lively has given birth, and rumor has it she welcomed a little girl with her husband, Ryan Reynolds. According to Page Six, the couple welcomed daughter, Violet, earlier than expected, but mom and baby are doing well. While there has not been any official confirmation about the baby’s sex or name, the new information came by way of a tweet. Apparently a staff member at Westchester Medical Center in New York (where Blake gave birth) tweeted a message about the new Reynolds baby.

Page Six claims that they have confirmation that the couple did indeed welcome a baby girl, but there is some confusion about the baby’s name. The person who tweeted the “leak” apparently doesn’t have Twitter anymore, which suggests the information (at least about the child’s name) was a hoax. The site says that the baby’s rumored name cannot be confirmed at this time.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds will be staying in New York (where they own a home) for a few days, a source tells Us Weekly. The couple has not yet made an official baby announcement, but fans are hoping that Blake will do something special to reveal her little one, just as she did with her pregnancy announcement through her site Preserve.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Blake has a super support system when it comes to raising her baby. She is very close to her mom, Elaine, and her sisters Robyn and Lori, whom she says taught her a lot of things that she will pass on to her own kids.

“If I could pass along anything that my mother or my sisters taught me I feel like my kids would be very well off,” Blake said recently. Blake opened up about her mom, and just how much her mom has done for her and her siblings through the years. It is clear that she is grateful to have such an incredible person in her life to depend on, and that she had a great role model to prepare her for motherhood.

“My mom is a huge woman of worth for me because she’s been my idol my whole life. My mom was someone who juggled everything. She had her own career, she raised five kids, she was Superwoman… and she was never satisfied doing just one thing because … she probably just had too much energy. So for me, it was important to have that because that’s what I felt like I knew best.”

[Photo courtesy of Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images via Us Weekly]

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