Jade Roper Is 'Bachelor' Bad Girl: When Does Chris Soules Send Her Home?

Jade Roper is this season's Bachelor bad girl. Chris Soules reportedly sends Jade packing after he learns that she has a rather racy past, including nude modeling, X-rated videos, and a criminal record. How far will Jade make it on The Bachelor before Chris sends her home? Surprisingly, she comes close to making it to the final three before her past becomes an issue.

According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Jade posed for Playboy Amateur and currently has more than a dozen nude and provocative photos online, along with a racy three-minute video. On her personal website, Roper states that she posed for Playboy because "she always wanted to be a part of it."

Jade also has a criminal past, including a DUI, two counts of theft, a shoplifting charge, a charge for being a minor in possession to sell/dispense alcohol, and a traffic citation. Granted, Chris has an arrest record, but he probably does not have nude photos floating around online.

Reality Steve states that despite the fact that Roper, 28, "is not shy about showing the whole world her goodies for free," she makes it to hometowns. Up until then, Chris apparently has no idea that the woman who is one of his final four picks has a stage name (Jade Elizabeth) and a collection of completely NSFW photos posted online.

"This season's 'Traditional, Classic, All-American' Bachelor currently has a girl in his top 4 that was a wild child in small town Nebraska, moved to LA to pursue modeling, has representation, ended up doing Playboy, and a quick Google search can lead anyone to see her 'work' without her clothes on."
Bachelor host Chris Harrison tells Yahoo TV that Jade "may have waited too long" to tell Chris Soules about her past. Holding back may have cost her a shot at going to the overnight dates, but it's obvious that Soules knew that it was not in his best interest to take a Playboy model to the Fantasy Suite.
"She has something in her past that we will all learn about eventually, but she held back from telling Chris about it for quite a long time, and that might sabotage her chances with him."
WetPaint states that Roper is the first contestant in the history of the Bachelor franchise who has posed for Playboy. There is no way producers did not know about Jade's sketchy past, so it's safe to say that they figured that bringing her onboard would add some controversy to the show.

Although Reality Steve states that Jade Roper is not Chris Soules' final pick, it seems that she has been keeping busy -- and hopefully out of trouble -- since filming wrapped up. Just a few days after the Bachelor season premiere, Jade tweeted that she was working on adding an online store to her website.

Obviously she is using her twenty seconds of fame to promote a new business, which appears to be named "Naturally Jade." More nude pics or natural skin products? That information has not been released yet, but apparently she will announce this new venture on her website, JadeRoper.com, in the near future.

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