‘Bachelor’ Final Rose: Is Chris Soules Engaged, And Who Did He Pick?

Wondering who Bachelor Chris Soules’ final pick is and if he got engaged at the final rose ceremony? The season premiere of Prince Farming’s journey to find a wife begins on January 5, but fans are already anxious to find out if Chris proposed at the final rose ceremony that was filmed in November.

[Spoilers ahead]

People reports that Chris Soules has already revealed that he is in love and “extremely happy with the outcome” of the show, but he didn’t reveal who he picked. However, Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that Chris is not only in love, he also proposed at the final rose ceremony and is engaged.

Steve, a popular and often controversial blogger who has been spoiling The Bachelor for several years, is coming up short with the episode-by-episode spoilers this season, but he is confident that Chris Soules is engaged to Whitney Bischoff, a nurse who currently works at the Fertility Centers of Illinois.

Sounds like a match made in heaven — after all, ABC’s initial press release for The Bachelor states that Chris wants “four to six kids, is looking for a woman who is smart, motivated, confident and knows how to drive a tractor.” We’re not sure if Whitney can drive a tractor, but it’s possible he picked her because she has the rest of the requirements covered.

“This is not a guess. This is not who I think Chris picked. I’m not predicting who he’s gonna pick based on tea leaves, tarot cards, or how they look together. This information has been told to me by sources.”

ABC is not keeping the “in love” thing private this season, letting Chris gush about the fact that the process really worked — or at least it’s worked out so far. As fans know, many Bachelor relationships don’t last long after the final rose is given out, but maybe we can hold out hope for Chris Soules.

Chris seems to know what he wants, and didn’t go on the show for fame and fortune. Host Chris Harrison spoke to ABC’s leading man months ago, telling USA Today that the Iowa Farmer is a millionaire, so he’s not in it for the cash. Hopefully his relationship with the girl he supposedly picked after just a few weeks of filming will go the distance.

Who did Chris Soules send home at the final rose ceremony? Someone had to get rejected, and according to Reality Steve, it was Becca Tilley, who currently lives in San Diego and works at the Salon Salon in Rancho Santa Fe.

Although Chris Soules has already revealed that he is in love and appears to have picked his future wife, fans can look forward to plenty of drama on this season of The Bachelor. Chill the wine and get ready to watch 30 women create drama, cry, and try to win Chris Soules’ heart. The three-hour season premiere starts at 8 p.m. ET on January 5 on ABC.

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