Bill Maher On NYPD: New York’s ‘Whiniest’ Need To Get Back To Work

Bill Maher supports the police, but that doesn’t mean he is thrilled about their recent behavior. Turning their backs to Mayor de Blasio, staging a work slowdown, choking an unarmed man to death — Maher took issue with all of these recent developments and more.

Maher ended his show with a simple question.

“Someone needs to explain to me, when did the NYPD start suffering from PMS? Seriously, if our deal with the police is we have to constantly reassure them how much we love them, or else they throw a tantrum, we’re not supporting them, we’re dating them.”

Bill Maher was referring to recent police protests at the funerals of two slain officers. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when New York Mayor Bill de Blasio went to the podium to give a speech for deceased Officer Rafael Ramos, many of the cops in attendance turned their backs out of disrespect to the mayor. The same thing happened a week later at the funeral of Officer Wenjian Liu.

Bill Maher added a message to New York’s police saying, “Yes, you have a tough, dirty job. But you volunteered for it. It’s like a proctologist coming home every night and saying, ‘I can’t believe I have to look at a**holes all day.'”

Maher went on to say he did support the police, and admits their job is “looking at a**holes all day.” But said that the work stoppage perpetrated by New York’s “whiniest” was outrageous.

According to NPR, after a careful investigation, police commissioner Bratton did confirm the suspicion that NYPD officers engaged in a slowdown from their normal work pace, but the labor action was more stark than most imagined. Bill Maher read out some of the vital statistics: drug arrests down 84 percent, parking violations down 92 percent, and citations for traffic violations and public urination down 94 percent.

Jay Leno chimed in to cheer, “Yes!”

But as Bill Maher went on to explain, the large-scale work stoppage was petty, done simply because the mayor publicly discussed warning his biracial son about encounters with the police.

Still, Maher saved his harshest words for the string of high-profile police brutality cases that have rocked the nation.

“When did the police become infallible? No matter what they do, they always say it was ‘by the book.’ Put six slugs into an unarmed man by the seat of your car? ‘By the book.’ Strangle a handcuffed guy to death? ‘By the book.’ Kill a 12-year-old who had a toy gun? ‘By the book.’ Maybe they need to get a new book. Who wrote this book, anyway, George Zimmerman?”

Bill Maher ended his monologue with a twist. The liberal comedian turned his ire towards police unions. Explaining how it was the unions that encouraged the funeral protests, and it’s the same unions that are currently fighting rules to make cops wear body cameras.

According to the Huffington Post, after the shooting of officers Liu and Ramos in New York, the patrolmen’s union president, Pat Lynch, even blamed the mayor and protesters for the deaths, saying “there’s blood on many hands tonight.”

Bill Maher explained they’re hurting the image of unions in the U.S.

“This is why Americans hate unions now. It’s why Republicans have been able to make ‘taking on the unions’ an applause line. Because union bullsh*t that people see on TV made it easy for them to make it about crybabies and entitlement. Which is a shame, because with a record wealth gap, we need unions now more than ever.”

Plenty of New Yorkers are getting away with a lot of petty crimes in the slowdown; Bill Maher probably won’t be one of them.

[Image Credit: Angela George/Wikimedia Commons]

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