The World’s Oldest Cat Is Also The Luckiest: Tuppence, The One-Eyed Moggy, Has Been Run Over 25 Times!

Tuppence is claimed to be the world’s oldest cat, she’s also probably the luckiest. The 27-year-old one-eyed moggy has been run over a staggering 25 times and is still in robust health.

In human terms, Tuppence would be 125-years-old, and that’s a lot of living. However, despite her advancing years and habit of getting into road accidents, the world’s oldest cat still insists in living life in the fast lane and on her own terms.

The Daily Mail reports that two years ago, at the tender age of 25, Tuppence lost her eye in an altercation with a dog. And in 2014, the world’s oldest cat — who still insists on roaming like she was born, undomesticated and free — broke both her legs when she was hit by a car.

Tuppence’s body may be bruised and battered, but her spirit remains that of a lion, and her owner, 55-year-old Pam Dillon, insists her pet cat is still going strong and will continue to do so for many a moon. As long as the charismatic cat’s luck continues to hold out, that is.

“There is no secret remedy for a long life. We had another cat in the family who lived to 22. I give her oil and garlic tablets but really Tuppence is just lucky to be alive.”

Tuppence, who has definitely used up all her nine lives and then some, is claimed to have been born in 1987, which if true, means she beats the current official World Record Holder, Tiffany Two, by one year.

Ms. Dillon, who lives in Plymouth Devon, invited Tuppence into her home after her 82-year-old father Raymond died in February last year.

Ms. Dillon explains that Raymond was given Tuppence after her brother found the young kitten prowling the Devonport dockyard in 1987.

“Tuppence was just a kitten. She was a dockyard moggy and when she turned up she was shabby and mucky as she had been out in the rain. None of us expected he would still be here 27 years later. I am amazed to discover she might be the oldest in the world. It is lovely. She is just brilliant – she sleeps a lot now and can’t run, so I keep her away from the road. She has been run over 25 times – and I don’t think she would survive another accident.”

The world’s oldest cat turned 27 on December 21, and Ms. Dillon remains confident she’ll make it to her 28th.

“She has been through the wars. She has half a tail and one eye and is looking a bit rough, but it is brilliant she is still here. She just sits around, eats and occasionally goes out to the garden. She walks with a wobble and is not as agile as she once was. Even though I only got her when my father died, she has always been part of the family and I love her. I also have two German Shepherds who she loves and is very protective of and another cat Tigger, who is 22.

“We nearly lost her recently in the vets but she suddenly started perking up again. She is still lively – and we think she will make it to her 28th birthday.”