Johns Hopkins Professors Want To Ditch Leap Year, Overhaul Calendar

The modern leap year containing calendar system could go the way of the Aztec calendar if two professors at Johns Hopkins university have their say. The professors are also proposing in their new calendar that each day of the year would fall on the same day. For example December 25th might always fall on a Sunday.

One of the professors, an astrophysicist at the university tells LiveScience:

“The calendar I’m advocating isn’t nearly as accurate” as the Gregorian calendar now in use, while adding “But it’s far more convenient.”

The new calendar would feature two 30-day months followed by a 31-day month then every five years (or thereabouts) there would be a “leap week” after December in order to get things back on track.

The astrophysicists partner is an economics professor at the University who says the new system would be more business friendly because it would avoid irregular interest payments during irregular months.

There is a superstitious downside since we would end up with four Friday the 13th days every year, allowing Jason Voorhees to wreak extra havoc on unsuspecting campers.

On a positive note at least people born on February 29 wouldn’t miss their actual birthday three out of four years.

Would you be willing to ditch the calendar we have all become use to if it meant businesses could operate more efficiently?

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