Inside Cameron Diaz’s Wedding Disaster, Sources Say Ceremony Didn’t Go Smoothly

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden seemed to pull off a last minute wedding effortlessly, but according to sources, there were a few small disasters — and most of them happened in front of their 100 guests.

A source told In Touch that one of Diaz’s bridesmaids suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

“About 15 minutes before the ceremony kicked off, one of the bridesmaids had a wardrobe malfunction!”

As the Inquisitr reported, bridesmaids included Cameron’s friend Drew Barrymore, sister Chimene, assistant Jesse Lutz, and Nicole Richie. No word on whose dress suffered a wardrobe malfunction or the actual malfunction of the dress.

The bride wasn’t without her own wardrobe problems. Sources said Diaz had a bit of a problem changing into her second dress before the cake cutting ceremony.

“She wasn’t able to get out of her dress, which forced her to call on one of the stylists to assist with her change of wardrobe.”

Although Diaz has explained in the past that she’s not much of a planner, perhaps an impromptu wedding wasn’t the best decision as it seems like some things still needed to be ironed out. A source told the magazine, not only was there wardrobe malfunctions, but there was a lighting cue problem during the opening service.

Even before Cameron had to call for help with her dress, the bride was visibly upset because of the missed lighting cue.

“A visibly upset Cameron repeatedly told producers to ‘just push the off button.'”

Benji Madden’s twin brother, Joel, suffered from a bit of nerves — so much so that he dropped the wedding band when it was time to exchange the rings.

Despite the few snafus, Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden managed to get through the whole ceremony and are now husband and wife. The couple who never commented on their 7-month relationship or brief engagement made a short statement via Diaz’s rep to People Magazine about their new life together.

“We couldn’t be happier to begin our new journey together surrounded by our closest family and friends. Getting married is the next step when you are totally in love and comfortable with someone. Cameron has found true happiness.”

The pair were able to keep the wedding a secret by telling people they were throwing a pre-Golden Globes bash.

“It was a big wedding, but they still managed to make it feel very personal. Only their families and very special friends attended.”

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