‘Destiny’: How To Complete ‘Toland’s Legacy’ Exotic Bounty To Obtain The Bad Juju Pulse Rifle

There are many ways to obtain an Exotic weapon in Destiny. It can come as a random reward for completing a mission, Strike, or Crucible match or simply purchased from Xur and his weekly visits. Another way is through Exotic bounties. This is a guide to complete the “Toland’s Legacy” bounty to receive the Bad Juju pulse rifle.

The tasks required to obtain Bad Juju are some of the most time consuming in Destiny. Here are the steps that you will need to take once you accept the “Toland’s Legacy” bounty.

  1. Complete a weekly Heroic or Nightfall Strike to obtain Toland’s Journal [Fragmented].
  2. Bring the journal to Ikora Rey to obtain Toland’s Journal [Fragmented].
  3. Complete 25 additional strikes to obtain Toland’s Journal [Encrypted].
  4. Bring the journal to Ikora Rey to obtain Toland’s Journal [Decrypted].
  5. Bring the journal to the Gunsmith to obtain Black Market Coupon.
  6. Bring the coupon to Xûr to obtain Darkness-infused weapon frame.
  7. Bring the weapon frame to the Gunsmith to obtain Darkness-infused Pulse Rifle.
  8. Obtain 10,000 points in the Crucible to obtain Sated Pulse Rifle.
  9. Return the weapon to the Gunsmith to obtain Bad Juju.


  1. The “Complete 25 additional strikes” task can be shortened by completing the Weekly Nightall and Heroic Strikes. The Nightfall is worth three strikes while the Heroic is worth 2.
  2. The Darkness-infused weapon frame can be purchased from Xûr for one Strange Coin. 2. Xûr only shows up in the Tower between 5 a.m. ET Friday Morning and 5 a.m. ET Sunday morning. Plan accordingly.
  3. The 10,000 points in Crucible can be earned with both assists and kills. Titans and Hunters are worth 25 points per kill while Warlocks are 75 points.

How Do I Get An Exotic Bounty?

Getting an Exotic bounty is random, so you are at the mercy of Destiny‘s RNG (random number generator) like so much else in the game. Completing regular Vanguard and Crucible bounties daily and turning them all in at once with Xander 99-40, the Bounty Tracker, seems to be the best shot though. This is simply because you are increasing your chances at receiving a bounty due to the number of tries. Turning them in one at a time works just as well though, aside from increasing your trips to the tower.

The Postmaster will also occasionally give out Exotic bounties. This can occur when you reach a new Vanguard, Crucible, or Faction level and go to the Postmaster to collect your reward.

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The “An Unknown Patron” bounty for the Fate of All Fools scout rifle is not in the game yet. Until then, this guy is the only one in the world has one. When the bounty is officially available in the game it will be added to the list.

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