‘Destiny’: How To Complete ‘Shattered Memory Fragment’ Exotic Bounty To Obtain The Pocket Infinity Fusion Rifle

There are many ways to obtain an Exotic weapon in Destiny. It can come as a random reward for completing a mission, Strike or Crucible match or simply purchased from Xur and his weekly visits. Another way is through Exotic bounties. This is a guide to complete the “Shattered Memory Fragment” bounty to receive the Pocket Infinity fusion rifle.

The tasks required to obtain Pocket Infinity are straight forward, but will require some luck either with the weapon vendor or with loot drops and rewards. Here are the steps that you will need to take once you accept the “Shattered Memory Fragment” bounty.

  1. Obtain a Damaged Ghost from Venus’ Shattered Coast.
  2. Kill a Vex Gate Lord in a heroic story mission to obtain Restored Ghost.
  3. Bring the ghost to The Speaker to obtain Fusion Rifle Schematics.
  4. Bring the schematics to the Gunsmith to obtain Depleted Exotic Weapon Core.
  5. Dismantle 10 rare or higher quality Fusion Rifles to obtain Charged Exotic Weapon Core.
  6. Bring the cores to the Gunsmith to obtain Unstable Prototype Fusion Rifle Frame.
  7. Kill 200 enemies in Weekly Nightfall Strike activities using any Fusion Rifle to obtain Stabilized Prototype.
  8. Bring the prototype to the Gunsmith to obtain Pocket Infinity.


  1. The Damaged Ghost can be found by loading up a Patrol mission on Venus and going to the Shattered Coast. Follow the path until you come across the statue on the cliff with a group of Fallen across from her to the left. Go to the door on the left in the building just past her. You’ll find the ghost in that room. This YouTube video should help.
  2. Load up the “Eye of a Gate Lord” mission with a Heroic modifier on and complete it to complete the kill a Vex Gate Lord.
  3. As soon as you start this Exotic bounty, hold on to all rare of better Fusion rifles that you come across either as drops or completion rewards. Otherwise, keep checking with the Gunsmith to see if he is selling any rare Fusion rifles that you can dismantle. You can also use Is The Gun Smith Selling Rare Fusion Rifles to notify you when he has them in stock.
  4. Run the Weekly Nightfall Strike as many times as you can to kill 200 enemies. It’s tougher now that the Nightfall Strike difficulty has been bumped up to level 30, but not impossible. It’s best used in any part of the Nightfall that has loads of low level enemies like Fallen Dregs or Hive Thrall.

How Do I Get An Exotic Bounty?

Getting an Exotic bounty is random, so you are at the mercy of Destiny‘s RNG (random number generator) like so much else in the game. Completing regular Vanguard and Crucible bounties daily and turning them all in at once with Xander 99-40, the Bounty Tracker, seems to be the best shot though. This is simply because you are increasing your chances of receiving a bounty due to the number of tries. Turning them in one at a time works just as well though, aside from increasing your trips to the tower.

The Postmaster will also occasionally give out Exotic bounties. This can occur when you reach a new Vanguard, Crucible or Faction level and go to the Postmaster to collect your reward.

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The “An Unknown Patron” bounty for the Fate of All Fools scout rifle is not in the game yet. Until then, this guy is the only one in the world has one. When the bounty is officially available in the game, it will be added to the list.

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