‘Destiny’ Update ‘Comet’ Will Be A True Story Expansion, But Is The DLC Patch Release Date Too Late?

The major Destiny update Comet: Plague Of Darkness is promising to be the biggest Destiny patch seen so far. But will the Destiny: Comet release date of September of 2015 be too late for many gamers who want to see how the story progresses now?

In a related report by the Inquisitr, in addition to the Destiny: Comet release date, the leaked image gives us the dates for when the next major Destiny update cycle will begin, including House of Wolves, Vex Void, and Forge of Gods.

What gamers want for the next major Destiny update has fans divided. A poll posted on Destinypedia asks gamers “what new content in The Dark Below are you looking forward to most?” Those looking for Destiny loot seem to be leading the pack, with 38 percent wanting more exotic gear from the Destiny DLC. But 27 percent want more story missions and 25 percent want more raids, which also tend to focus on side stories.

This means about half of the Destiny gamers who frequent that website really desire to see the story progress further than it currently has based upon The Dark Below. That Destiny DLC only include three new story missions, but there were no cutscenes and the newest character was essentially a NPC quest giver stuck in the Tower. Although the original Destiny release had issues with its story, the DLC actually took a large step backwards by making the story seem even less relevant.

The leaked Destiny photo is a wee bit blurry, but the short of it is that the upcoming Destiny: Comet release date will bring us 12 story missions, four strikes, one raid, one new location, and six PvP maps, in addition to new class and weapon types. Reports are already labeling this Destiny update as “Destiny 1.5,” since it looks to be about half the content of the first game. The larger number of story missions gives Bungie a real chance to fill in the gaps in the Destiny story, and perhaps even revive the franchise for those who have given up playing already.

Unfortunately, the Destiny story will be a tale that’s spun out over many years. Bungie has always said they had a 10-year plan for the Destiny patch cycle, and apparently they plan on releasing four major major updates (labeled only as Comet 1, 2, 3, and 4) over this time frame with DLC filling in the gaps. This means we might have to wait more than two years to see the next major Destiny update in 2017.

In addition, Bungie has already announced plans for Destiny 2, and it might be presumed this title may be a next generation only release. How this fits into the release schedule is anyone’s guess at this moment, and Bungie is holding those cards tight to its chest.

What do you think about Bungie’s plans for the Destiny update release cycle?