Texas Girl Plays Dead For Hours As Man With AK-47 Murders Her Entire Family ‘For Fun’

Tara Dodrill - Author

Jan. 2 2015, Updated 9:13 a.m. ET

Texas teenager Robin Doan played dead for hours as a “psychotic” gunman wielding an AK-47 murdered her entire family. Doan, who was 10 at the time, is now sharing her story and detailing what happened on that evening in September of 2005 at a Pampa, Texas, farmhouse when her entire family was slaughtered.

Robin Doan’s family was murdered by Levi King. He fired four shots into her stepfather Brian Conrad, 31. King then reportedly moved onto the girl’s pregnant mother, Michell Conrad, 35 – firing five shots into her body. The Texas teen’s brother, Zach, 14, was killed also shot dead during the killing spree.

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To mark the 10th anniversary of the Texas farmhouse murders, Robin Doan sat down with CBS News to discuss the murders which haunt her to this day. The then 10-year-old girl awoke to the sound of her mother screaming. Moments later Doan recalls seeing a bright flash. Levi King had fired a shot from his AK-47 at her bed, but miraculously the bullet somehow missed the child.

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“I pretended I was dead the whole time. I’m 10 years old and I don’t know what to do. I’m scared,” Robin Doan told the 911 dispatcher when she was finally able to stop playing dead and could call for help.

The sole survivor of the shooting lives every day with the sounds of her mother’s scream in her head, according to statements made by her aunt, Christ Powell, after the Levi King shooting.

Doan said she was crouched by her bedroom door as she heard more gunshots, followed by the sound of heavy steps coming down the hallway. She ran back to her bed and hid under the covers, recalling the feeling of a bullet whizzing by her little body. She heard the footsteps stop at the next bedroom, the one belonging to her brother, Zach. More gunshots were heard by the 10-year-old girl, followed by a groan, and then silence once again.

Robin Doan said she heard Levi King go into the kitchen and spend some time “rattling around” in the room. She stayed still and silent for a very long time, fearful that the shooter was still in the house.

“I so hope my mom is not dead. I want my mommy. I want my mom. I think I’m the only one alive,” Doan said amid tears during the 911 call.

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During the CBS special aptly entitled Sole Survivor, viewers will experience a personal recounting of the incidents which occurred in the Texas Panhandle shootings. Levi King is serving life in prison for the murder of Robin Doan’s family and the shooting deaths of Orlie McCool, 70, and his daughter-in-law, Dawn McCoo, 47 – both of Pineville, Missouri.

King drove Orlie McCool’s pickup truck from Missouri to the home of the Doan family. He was captured the same night as the shootings as he attempted to re-enter America from the El Paso area of the Mexican border. During the murder trial, Levi King said he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia, and added that he had also been told he was psychotic.

“Even my birthday is hard because I don’t like celebrating it without them,’ Robin said to CBS. “I just have those days where I want my mommy, or I want my stepdad, or I want my brother, and want things to go back to being normal, and you just can’t help but burst out into tears.”

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