WWE News: ‘The Vigilante’ Sting A Surprise Entrant In The Royal Rumble Match?

The Inquisitr reported yesterday that a wrestling legend could be making his highly-anticipated return to WWE television on Monday Night Raw next week. It would mark as the first episode of Raw in 2015. If “The Vigilante” Sting does show up, WWE would put all their eggs into one basket right away. Since Sting’s debut at Survivor Series in November, the WWE Universe is currently waiting on his next appearance.

Since John Cena brought the Authority back on Raw this week, many WWE superstars are reacting to the news. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon ended their program with Cena at Survivor Series, when they lost in the six-on-six tag-team match. That is where “The Vigilante” Sting comes into play.

Sting’s involvement at WrestleMania 31 is still a hot topic in the WWE Universe. Everybody wants him to face off against the Undertaker in everyone’s dream match. WWE might stick to the plans they teased at Survivor Series. With the Authority’s return and Sting set to possibly return next week, is it possible the WWE could use Sting as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble match? According to WrestleZone, that doesn’t seem likely.

“The Authority returning to WWE TV has been planned for some time now, and was not a quick reaction to the recent low ratings.

Initial plans still have Triple H facing Sting at Wrestlemania 31, and bringing them back can start to set that up if that’s the match they stick with. Regarding Sting’s next appearance, he is not expected to be a surprise entrant in the 2015 Royal Rumble match.”

There will continue to be conflicting reports on Sting until he does appear next. What is the best decision for WWE in this quandary they face? The WWE Universe is yearning for Sting to debut on Monday Night Raw and the heels he will face are back on WWE programming.

Despite not liking the decision to bring Triple H and Stephanie McMahon back, they will bring ratings to Raw each week. Aside from Seth Rollins on a weekly basis, the WWE was lacking monster heels. If Randy Orton never left and remained a heel, then the WWE could’ve survived without the Authority longterm.

This upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw has all of the plans to become a major show to start the new year. Usually, the WWE starts off a new year with a big program. The Authority might begin their latest feud with Sting sooner than expected. If he doesn’t, then Sting’s involvement in the Royal Rumble might intensify.

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