WWE News: Wrestling Legend Sting Set To Confront The Authority Next Week On WWE RAW?

This past week on 2014’s last episode of WWE RAW, we saw The Authority make their way back to WWE programming. Seth Rollins backed John Cena into a corner and forced him to bring back the hated duo of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. When he did, it was champagne all around for the bad guys heading into the new year, but that left us wondering what would happen in 2015.

Now we know what will go down, at least somewhat. It was rumored after WWE Survivor Series that Sting and Triple H would go at it at WrestleMania 31. It seemed obvious, but changes could have been made to some of the top matches at the event. According to The Wrestling Observer, WWE changed a lot around and may end up continuing this. Whatever happens at The Royal Rumble will end up setting the Mania plans in motion.

This is why Sting is key in everything in the end. Sting and Triple H will go at it. The issue is, when will they fight? The idea originally was WrestleMania, but that might have changed. The Undertaker is rumored to be coming back, and if he does, Vince McMahon wants Sting and Undertaker to go at it. This would be the dream match that many fans have wanted to see for some time.

However, that could change as well. Sting/Seth Rollins was also rumored, despite how weird that might be. The current rumor at hand is to have Sting come face to face with The Authority next week on WWE RAW. This is big if true. By doing this, WWE might be setting up the Triple H/Sting match for The Royal Rumble event.

Trips Sting

This would make three big matches for the Rumble. We already have Brock Lesnar/John Cena confirmed for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. The Rumble match will also be going on like always as well. So adding Triple H/Sting is pretty big. This would allow Sting to have another match at Mania, potentially against Taker. However, we’d get the Triple H/Sting match that fans want to see.

WWE brought back The Authority a bit early. The plan was always to bring them back in 2015, potentially at The Rumble or right after.

As we know by now, “The Vigilante” Sting cost The Authority at WWE Survivor Series. So it makes total sense for Triple H to want Sting in a match. However, the speed of that match was potentially moved up due to a change in the Mania card. This leads us to possibly seeing Sting earlier than originally planned. It also means we’ll see him sign up for more dates. He only had six before WWE Survivor Series. With only five left, he’d obviously need to sign more if he planned to have a WrestleMania build-up worth something regardless of who it’s with.

The key is next week. If Sting is there, it would only be to build up a match for The Royal Rumble PPV. Otherwise, the WWE wouldn’t waste any dates for him until closer to WrestleMania. So WWE RAW will be interesting next week. WWE clearly wants the first one of 2015 to be big. Sting appearing would certainly be a boost to ratings.

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