Opry Mills: Huge Fight Breaks Out In Food Court Of Nashville Mall

A fight broke out at the Opry Mills Malls in Nashville, Tennessee, on Saturday evening, and it led to numerous police officers responding to the scene. Reports actually stated that there were several dozen teenagers fighting in the food court of the mall, and it drew a crowd of close to 150 people before it was broken up.

News Channel 5 reports that the crowd was indeed around 150 people and began in the food court at Opry Mills. It soon spilled out into the parking lot, and brought about numerous officers from the Metro Nashville Police Department to break up multiple situations.

According to WSMV, three juveniles started the entire disturbance that ended up with hundreds of people being pushed out of the mall by police. A juvenile who was involved ran out into the crowd, before medics could check on him and his condition.

The other two juveniles were taken into police custody on outstanding warrants that were not related to the Opry Mills fight.

As police start looking into the incident more, they are trying to determine a number of things, including just how many people were actually involved. They also are trying to figure out why the situation was started in the first place.

The fight at Opry Mills wasn’t the only brawl to bring about a police presence. The Chicago Ridge Mall had to be evacuated and closed early on Saturday evening, after a fight broke out in the food court. There were also reports of shots fired.

Unlike the incident at Chicago Ridge, the Opry Mills fight happened near closing time of the mall. People in and near the mall were asked to leave so that things could get under control.

Police are still investigating the Chicago Ridge Mall fight, since there have been conflicting reports as to whether gunshots really happened or not. As for the Opry Mills fight, police were still sorting out everyone who was involved in it as of Sunday morning.

[Image via News Channel 5]