Anonymous Releases ‘The Interview’ Movie Free Online To Watch And Download, Along With 13K Credit Cards, Passwords

A Twitter account claiming to belong to the hacktivist group called Anonymous provided a “day after Christmas” present in releasing The Interview movie free to watch online, and gave a link to a website for users to also download the film to watch as many times as they’d like, reports Twitter and the Daily Mail.

Along with that free video version of The Interview to watch online, the Anonymous Twitter account released a trove of 13,000 passwords and credit card numbers from a variety of web users’ accounts on websites like Amazon and Wal-Mart – along with PlayStation and Xbox passwords, and those on a number of porn sites, reports the Daily Mail.

“Well, to finish with ?#LulzXmas. Film ‘The Interview’ available for download. Kernel.mp4 2.05 GB

?!EsIBTTqQ!7Jr4mouVnTDo8OkiRgiWdGkRf-w9xP9VsqOF2asXvIY … ?#Anonymous ?#AntiSec

The website that reportedly hosted the 13,000 hacked passwords and credit card numbers currently lists the word “removed,” as if the stolen credit card numbers and passwords from various mainstream and porn accounts has been removed. The website link currently still shows “download” options for users to allegedly download The Interview for free. However, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, users can’t be sure if they aren’t downloading viruses along with video files purporting to be those that allow users to watch The Interview for free online.

As reported by the Inquisitr, The Interview was already posted for free on Reddit, prior to being removed – as well as appearing free for users to share and download online from The Pirate Bay And Mega. With scenes like Eminem humorously spoofing his own hardened rap persona and satirical scenes of Eminem coming out as gay in The Interview, it’s no wonder that folks are searching for ways to watch The Interview online for free and not worry about paying to watch the film. Others are trying to find a way around the restrictions their countries may impose upon watching The Interview online.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, North Koreans more than anyone want to watch The Interview online. Demand is on the rise, as North Korea gears up to ban the film from coming into the country via Chinese traders and others who want to illegally bring copies of The Interview into North Korea for its inhabitants to watch. Shin Nam-ho, a reporter for Free North Korea Radio, weighed in on the demand from North Koreans to watch The Interview, as reports of North Korea’s internet going down once more surface.

“They are very interested in ‘The Interview’ and have been requesting local vendors that sell memory cards or CDS, and even smugglers, to get a copy of [‘The Interview’] movie.”

[Image credit: Anonymous Twitter]

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