Eminem Gay In ‘The Interview’ – Did Eminem Really Come Out As Gay? [Video]

While watching the humorously underplayed scene in The Interview wherein Eminem so casually comes out to James Franco’s talk show host character as gay, this reporter had to remind herself that although I was watching Eminem play himself in The Interview – fully going by the name Eminem in the movie – that Eminem was still spoofing himself as a hardcore, homophobic rapper who comes out as gay in the ultimate ironic situation.

Still, with more than 200,000 web viewers having watched The Interview for free online and counting upward – as reported by the Inquisitr – and articles like Eminem Comes Out As Gay In ‘The Interview’ (VIDEO) from the Huffington Post going viral, as witnessed by its presence on the Alexa.com “What’s Hot” list provided by Amazon, there’s no doubt a growing subset of people who are Googling and asking, “Is Eminem really gay?”

Alas, subtle satire can be a hard thing to pull off – done beautifully at times by websites like The Onion, the selfsame ones who leave Googlers years later asking if gymnast Shawn Johnson was really euthanized or not.

She was not, and Eminem is not really gay. But with titles like Eminem Comes Out As Gay In ‘The Interview’ Cameo from MTV and YouTube videos like the above all-capped THE INTERVIEW – EMINEM ADMITS HE IS GAY gaining nearly half-a-million views, the irony will probably be lost on a good amount of folks who end up believing Eminem is really gay.

“Gay Twitter’s blowing up!”

With lines like those from The Interview Eminem scene slowly infiltrating the public conscious with their brilliance, it’s only a matter of time before Eminem will be forced to make a statement.

“It’s kind of like I’ve been playing gay peekaboo.”

In real life, the Daily Mail reported that Eminem may have been rekindling his tumultuous relationship with ex-wife Kim Scott, while the Atlantic waxes nostalgic about Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” days and how the serial killer satire persona of Eminem as Stan sits in sharp contrast to the 42-year-old Eminem who comes out as satirically gay in The Interview.

“I’m more shocked that people haven’t figured it out yet. I’ve pretty much been leaving a gay bread crumb trail.”

Eminem coming out a “gay” in The Interview is kind of like when Eminem joined Elton John live on stage at the Grammys. Either Eminem felt bad about his anti-gay lyrics and wanted to make amends with the gay community – or Eminem wanted to spit his lyrics and appease the gay community afterward. Time will tell how Eminem’s gay scene in The Interview plays out.

[Image credit of Eminem in The Interview: Sony]