Police Rescue Twin Toddlers From ‘Feces-Filled’ Home That Mother Claimed Was ‘Clean’ [Photos]

Police from the Sarasota County Sheriff’s in Florida rescued twin toddlers from a home they described as “feces-filled,” while Elizabeth Davis, the children’s mother, claimed that the house was clean.

Ironically, it was Elizabeth Davis who called the police herself. Police initially responded to the home because Davis claimed that her partner, Wesley Benoit, had threatened to kill her and her twin girls, aged 2. She reported that Benoit was attempting to break into the home that they share, and that there was crystal meth and drug paraphernalia belonging to Benoit on the front porch.

But instead of just hauling Benoit away, Davis found herself in handcuffs, as well.

Police deputies responded to Davis’s call, but were immediately overwhelmed and concerned by the stench of feces, urine, and garbage emanating from the home. According to their reports, the bedroom the twin toddlers shared was entirely coated with smeared feces. The bed mattress, linens, and closet ceilings were covered in feces, as well.

One of the disturbing rooms that Elizabeth Davis claimed "wasn't a mess."

Inside the bathroom, the police deputies made the disturbing discovery of a kiddie pool, filled with stagnant water and coated with a brown film, in the shower stall.

The kitchen, they reported, was just as bad. The sink was full of filthy, standing water, dirty dishes, and decaying food. Garbage and mold covered the floors of the entire home.

Elizabeth Davis told police that she "cleaned every day."

The twin toddlers themselves were in the home, completely unclothed, not even wearing diapers.

When the twins’ mother was asked about the stench of urine in the home, Davis reportedly told police that her partner Benoit had purposefully urinated on the carpet of the living room out of spite. As for the rest of the filth in the house, Davis had no reason or explanation. In fact, she informed deputies that she “cleans the house every day,” and that, in her opinion, the house was “not a mess.”

It’s enough to make one wonder what this particular mother would actually qualify as a mess.

Elizabeth Davis, 32, and Wesley Benoit, 35, were both arrested and charged with two counts of felony child neglect. According to WFLA, both Davis and Benoit have fairly lengthy criminal histories. Davis has prior arrests for burglary, theft, fleeing to elude and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Her partner, Benoit, has an extensive arrest history for carrying a concealed weapon, burglary, grand theft, and drug possession.

The twin toddlers were taken into custody by the Department of Children and Families.

Earlier this month, a set of grandparents were arrested for a shockingly similar case involving their teenage granddaughter, who was so malnourished that she weighed less than 40 pounds at the time of police discovery. For more on that, click here.

[Images via HLNTV]