Katie Holmes Spends Christmas With Tom Cruise, Which May Have Gotten Him In Trouble With Scientology

Katie Holmes spent some quality time with former husband Tom Cruise on Christmas, and in doing so, may have caused him to violate the strict rules of Scientology.

Though the couple have an arrangement to split custody of their daughter, Suri, this year they actually decided to spend the holiday together in Katie’s home. But the reunion could mean that Tom is going against Scientology’s policy to avoid what are known as “suppressive persons,” those who try to undermine the church.

The couple has remained amicable since divorcing in 2012, a split that was reportedly aided by Katie’s fear of her daughter being sucked deeper into the world of Scientology. Tom Cruise actually admitted that Scientology played a role in their split, and Katie has spoken about being “overprotective” of Suri.

“Any parent has to watch everything that is going on around her child and I think I am a little overprotective because I’m always the one say, ‘Watch out, there’s a car’…I try to be as informed as possible in terms of looking and listening to what’s going on, and getting to know my child’s friends,” Katie said.

Katie’s fear of Scientology may have actually played into the couple’s joint holiday plans, sources say.

“There’s no way Katie will set foot in Tom’s home, or be in the same room as the rest of his family, because they are so involved with the Scientology movement,” a source close to Holmes told the Record.

But just being with Katie Holmes may be getting Tom Cruise in trouble with the Church of Scientology. In the past, Katie has reportedly come into conflict with the church, and is vowing to raise Suri outside of its tight control. It is believed that has earned her a label of “suppressive person” within the church, meaning that Tom is supposed to avoid her.

“When such a person is connected to Scientology, for the good of the Church and the individuals in it, such a person is officially labeled a Suppressive Person so that others will know not to associate with them,” the Church of Scientology states on its website.

But the Church of Scientology may be able to breathe easier, as the reunion between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise didn’t last long. Tom had only a brief break in his schedule of filming Mission: Impossible 5 to spend Christmas with his family.

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