Katie Holmes Reunites With Tom Cruise For Christmas

Katie Holmes was thinking primarily of her daughter's happiness when she agreed to accommodate a visit from her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, during this upcoming Christmas. Holmes has agreed to rotate custody of eight-year-old Suri Cruise for holidays, and Tom Cruise had Suri over the previous year's Christmas. In the interest of keeping her daughter happy, Holmes has agreed to allow a visit from Mr. Cruise on Christmas day this year, Design & Trend reported. The family will reunite briefly this holiday in Ms. Holmes' new home. Although Katie would much rather spend the holiday with her own family, she is also willing to do everything in her power to make young Suri as happy as possible. That does not include visiting Cruise's family, however.

Holmes and Cruise were married in 2007, but divorced in 2012. When Katie gained custody of Suri Cruise, she devoted herself to being the best mother she could be, which included shielding her daughter from Cruise's Scientology beliefs as much as is possible. Katie Holmes admitted in a recent interview that she worries that she may be a little overprotective as a parent.

''Any parent has to watch everything that is going on around her child and I think I am a little overprotective because I'm always the one say, 'Watch out, there's a car'...I try to be as informed as possible in terms of looking and listening to what's going on, and getting to know my child's friends.''
"There's no way Katie will set foot in Tom's home, or be in the same room as the rest of his family, because they are so involved with the Scientology movement," a source close to Holmes told The Record.

Although Mr. Cruise is currently on location, filming Mission: Impossible 5, he has rearranged his schedule to allow as much time for Suri as he can throughout the holidays. When Holmes begrudgingly made the invitation, Cruise made plans to accept the invitation for their daughter's sake.

"It was Tom's turn to have Suri on Christmas Day last year, so to see her again this year will be a bonus."
Coming up, fans of Katie Holmes will be able to catch her in Mania Days, a romantic drama involving two manic depressives. Ms. Holmes will also star in The Woman in Gold, which is the story of a Jewish woman battling government bureaucracy in an effort to recover artwork that had once belonged to her family. Both films are due out in 2015.

Earlier this month, Inquisitr reported on an interview in which Ms. Holmes admitted to worrying over Suri's Christmas wish list, again showing her concern for giving her daughter the best possible Christmas memories.

[Image courtesy of Glamour]